5 Types of Advertising to Attract Customers and Convert Them (2023)

When people think of marketing, they often mistake advertising for marketing. Instead, advertising is just one element of marketing, which includes other types of promotion, as well as pricing, distribution, and product — the classic 4Ps. But, there’s no denying the importance of advertising to a successful business. You need advertising to attract customers to your business. The classic notion often quoted from Ralph Waldo Emerson that

if you build a better mousetrap the world will beat a path to your door

doesn’t reflect the reality that you need advertising to reach prospective customers and convince them you do, in fact, have a better mousetrap than your competitors.

Without advertising, no one knows what your business can offer or why they should choose your product in an increasingly competitive market. Although advertising eats up some of your budget and takes time to create and monitor, you really can’t expect success without spending some money on advertising.

Today, we’ll dive into how to build a successful advertising strategy designed to harness the power of advertising to attract customers and convince them to make a purchase.

Use advertising to attract customers

Show ads to your target market to optimize profits

Before doing anything else, you must construct an advertising strategy that fits your business goals and vision. And, don’t skimp by doing what’s cheap not what’s best. I once worked with a client who sold motorcycles and jet skis. He bragged about a great deal he found on cable advertising for only $10 per ad. Yeah, it was a great price, but he also didn’t reach his target audience as the bundle included several channels focused on women and other focused on home and garden programs. The commercials also ran predominately on weekends.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not being sexist just a realist. While women do buy motorcycles and jet skis, the buyers are predominately male and they’re out doing outdoor stuff on weekends so his target market didn’t see his ads. It was like flushing money down the toilet.

Another client spent her advertising budget on the radio. She sold English as a second language in our community consisting of large numbers of LatinX consumers. She found one radio station was much cheaper than the other, however, the cheaper station also attracted an older audience. Sure, some older LatinX consumers might pay to learn English, but a more likely target audience consists of younger consumers since learning English sets them up for jobs across a broader selection of employers and increases their chances of being hired.

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Integrate messages across channels

A key to advertising success involves adapting your message to all the channels used so each ad reinforces your message regardless of whether the consumer hears your ad on the radio, sees it on TV or social, or gets a coupon in the mail.

Use the same color scheme for every element exposed to your market, including store signage and uniforms. Most companies establish a style guide that’s shared with everyone involved in marketing. A style guide contains your color scheme, think Starbuck’s green and white, as well as the font used and key images, such as your logo.

Remember, a consumer must see your ad somewhere between 5-7 times within their buying cycle to ensure they remember your ad and allow the ad to influence their attitudes toward your brand.

Carefully consider your message and spokesperson

A few years back, Tiger Woods got into a bit of trouble for his extramarital affairs and sponsors dropped him like a hot potato. Unfortunately, the damage was done and some sponsored struggled to shake off the negative association. The same thing happened on YouTube when PewDiePie spouted antisemitic, neo-Nazi rhetoric.

Some brands choose dead actors to promote their brands since a dead actor is unlikely to do anything to piss off your target market. Others use cartoon characters like the Geico gecko for the same reason. Still other brands don’t use a spokesperson at all, preferring to use an obscure actor like in the ad at the beginning of this post.

Your message is critically important. The message should present your brand in a favorable light and provide an incentive for consumers to buy your brand or at least to learn more about it. And, don’t piss off your market with something folks will find offensive, such as the ASUS ad below.

Call to action

Advertising, especially in print and digital, must contain a call to action that effectively drives traffic ready to purchase. Just as any good salesperson knows you ask for the sale before leaving a customer’s office, your advertising should detail exactly what action you expect your market to take.

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The right call to action gets advertising to attract customers to your store, your website, or to call your business. Notice in the mobile ad at the beginning of this post, one ad received 48% more opens and over 200% more clicks. The overall design might contribute to some of that lift, but likely the improved call to action made a contribution, as well. Book Now (in the first ad) is just a little scary for many folks who might feel pressured to buy if they click the link while See Deals in the second ad reinforces the discounts and is less high pressure.

Testing and monitoring

You want to ensure you get the most bang for your buck from your advertising plan. Hence, testing and monitoring performance are key elements that allow you to improve performance and make sensible decisions about which ads to continue using and which you should halt.

Testing involves showing your ads to your target market, then evaluating performance based on increased awareness or change in attitude toward the brand. Usually, testing goes before you share your ad since you don’t want to waste money or take a chance of creating a poor image for your brand.

Monitoring is hard for traditional advertising channels since you don’t have much to track. For instance, how do you assess the performance of a TV commercial when there’s no direct action resulting from the ad.

That’s where direct and digital offer great opportunities to evaluate performance, as these channels commonly direct your market to a particular action, such as visiting your website or landing page, calling a toll-free number, or returning an inquiry card (called a BRC for business reply card.

Click this link to learn more about monitoring your digital strategy.

Types of advertising

You have options when it comes to choosing the channels for your advertising, including:

  1. outdoor advertising
  2. broadcast TV
  3. radio
  4. print
  5. direct and digital

Outdoor advertising

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As you walk past companies, ride public transportation, or drive the highways, your encounter signs advertising various products. While many communities are getting rid of these forms of outdoor advertising as a nuisance and distraction, consider adding clear, bold outdoor signs on your building as a form of advertising to attract customers passing by. Outdoor signs remind customers about your business and effectively brand your business with positive associations.

This advertising channel should generate returns almost immediately so consider this type of advertising when you create your advertising strategy.

Use photos that are bright and a good fit for your target market; something meaningful and attractive. To continue to make your site look impressive during the darker months and evenings, you could invest in a LED sign or even a digital screen showing off various photos and videos throughout the day to allow passers-by to know instantly what you are about.

Broadcast TV

Broadcast TV and its cousin, cable TV, are still popular advertising options for major brands, although they’re often too expensive for small brands, as you can see in this chart. Broadcast TV offers huge reach for brands, especially on popular events, such as the Super Bowl.

Cable TV also offers some opportunities for targeting, since certain cable stations attract a fairly homogeneous market/

While sports offer a great option for brand advertising to attract customers, most other types of programming suffer because viewers often use techniques to avoid seeing ads, such as recording.


Another traditional channel for advertising to attract customers is radio. However, like TV, listeners increasingly choose paid platforms such as Pandora, Apple Music, and others to avoid commercials altogether.

Radio has some benefits for brands, including speed, since you can compose an ad and have it read on-air within a few hours. Radio also offers some targeting options as listeners tend to self-select different channels based on their interests.

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Options for print are fast disappearing as newspapers and magazines shutter their offices. Instead, print channels more to a digital platform where they can reach more people with less expense than printing the traditional paper or magazine. Hence, today, most print now fits more into a digital strategy than a traditional strategy.

Direct and digital

The use of online advertising grows every year. By 2021, online advertising is projected to reach $330 billion, up from a mere $170 billion in 2015. In addition to social media platforms with their ability to reach highly targeted consumers, search ads produce a great ROI for businesses able to harness them effectively.Digital advertising also includes email marketing and other outreach efforts advertising to attract customers to your business.

Direct advertising is the precursor to digital advertising and now both are often lumped together since they share similar elements such as targeting, high ROI, and tracking metrics.


You must consider advertising to attract customers to your business and convert them, but you must effectively plan your advertising campaign, implement the plan across channels, and monitor performance to avoid wasting your advertising dollars.

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What are the 5 advertising techniques used by advertisers to get desired results? ›

So here are some very common and most used techniques used by the advertisers to get desired results.
  • Emotional Appeal. ...
  • Promotional Advertising. ...
  • Bandwagon Advertising. ...
  • Facts and Statistics. ...
  • Unfinished Ads. ...
  • Weasel Words. ...
  • Endorsements. ...
  • Complementing the Customers.

What are the five strategies that can attract a customers? ›

5 Tips for Attracting New Customers
  • Identify Your Ideal New Customers. ...
  • Use Direct Response Marketing to Attract Customers. ...
  • Give Something Away to Entice New Customers. ...
  • Give Your Business a Face Lift to Increase Sales. ...
  • Get The (Right) Word Out.

How do you advertise and attract customers? ›

Here are 10 common marketing strategies companies use to reach more customers, encourage repeat business and build brand loyalty:
  1. Leverage social media.
  2. Start a blog.
  3. Maximize search engine optimization (SEO).
  4. Create a call to action (CTA).
  5. Engage influencers.
  6. Build a mailing list.
  7. Create an affiliate program.

What are the types of advertising Explain with examples? ›

Advertising types include the use of print media, radio and television, internet ads, email lists, social media, direct mail and billboards.

What are the top five advertising media used today? ›

Direct Email.
  • Newspaper: Newspaper is considered low cost, local advertising media, with reach ability to all living in a locality. ...
  • Television Advertising: It is also a popular way of advertising. ...
  • Magazine Advertisement: Magazine advertising is similar to newspaper advertising. ...
  • Radio Advertising: ...
  • Direct Email:

How do advertisements attract our attention? ›

It attracts our attention through well designed graphics which always included a picture of the product, sometimes side on and sometimes front on as well as the headlines and the logo of the product or company also attracts the customers.

What features of the advertisement attract you most? ›

7 Salient Features of a Good Advertisement Copy
  • (1) It Should Be Simple:
  • (2) It Should Be Capable Of Holding The Reader's Attention:
  • (3) It Must Be Suggestive:
  • (4) It Should Have Conviction Value:
  • (5) It Should Educate The People:
  • (6) It Should Have Memorising Value:
  • (7) It Should Be True:

How do you attract customers with words? ›

20 Marketing Phrases to Attract Customers and Increase ROI
  1. Beautiful in Its Simplicity. ...
  2. Artistically Inspired. ...
  3. Enhance Your Life. ...
  4. Enhance Your Beauty. ...
  5. Looks so Good on the Outside, It'll Make You Feel Good Inside. ...
  6. Never Looked so Good. ...
  7. Simply Awesome. ...
  8. Perfect From Beginning to End.
23 Nov 2020

How do you attract customers to your store? ›

How do you attract customers to your store?
  1. Offer doorbusters for new in-store customers.
  2. Send out promotion codes.
  3. Host events at your store location.
  4. Offer online shopping with in-store pickup.
  5. Create an eye-catching window display.
3 Aug 2021

How do you attract target customers? ›

How can we best reach our target audience?
  1. Step 1: Define Your Target Audience. ...
  2. Step 2: Create Useful and Relevant Content. ...
  3. Step 3: Leverage Influencers. ...
  4. Step 4: Use Targeted Advertising. ...
  5. Step 5: Referral Marketing. ...
  6. Step 6: Reach Your Target Audience on Social Media via Hashtags.

What are the 10 marketing activities? ›

Here are common marketing activities you can use in your promotional efforts:
  • Conduct market research. ...
  • Segment your customers. ...
  • Enhance customers' experiences. ...
  • Create engaging and informative content. ...
  • Target customers with high bounce rates. ...
  • Distribute newsletters. ...
  • Budget for more ads. ...
  • Develop an effective pricing system.
26 Oct 2021

What can I write to attract customers? ›

How To Write Copy That Will Attract Your Potential Customers
  1. Use your headline and subheads to push major benefits to grab attention.
  2. Make your layout easy to read.
  3. Write in a conversational tone so that your audience is immediately engaged.
  4. Tell them in simple terms what's in it for them.
21 May 2019

How does advertising attract customers in regards to the product? ›

An effective advertising should be able to attract consumers' attention, hold interest to the message exposed, arouse desire to a product advertised and obtain action. This is based on AIDA model, which indicate the advertising strategy.

What type of advertising is the most effective? ›

Word-of-mouth advertising has existed as long as mankind has communicated and traded goods and services. Word-of-mouth advertising is considered the most effective form. It has the desired qualities of strong credibility, high audience attention levels, and friendly audience reception.

What are the types of advertisement? ›

There are 3 main types of digital advertising at your disposal: display advertising. paid search advertising. social media advertising.

What is an example of advertising media? ›

Advertising media is used for communicating a promotional message. Examples include online banners, radio spots, billboards, television advertisements or in print media, ads in newspapers.

What is the purpose of advertising? ›

An advertisement refers to a paid form of communication that promotes a service, product or brand. Marketers use advertisements to help companies reach their objectives and increase revenue. Often, they design advertisements for specific groups of potential customers.

What is advertising used for? ›

Advertising is the techniques and practices used to bring products, services, opinions, or causes to public notice to persuade the public to respond in a certain way toward what is advertised.

How do you create an effective advertisement? ›

10 Steps to Effective Advertising
  1. Know Your Business. ...
  2. Know Your Competition. ...
  3. Position Yourself. ...
  4. Develop a Theme. ...
  5. Identify Your Target Audience. ...
  6. Target your advertising message to your market. ...
  7. Use the Media that will most effectively reach that market. ...
  8. Measure Your Results.

What are the 5 features of an advertising? ›

Let's begin!
  • It's promotional.
  • It's persuasive.
  • It's part of an overall marketing strategy.
  • It's targeted.
  • It's an investment.
  • It's original.
  • It's creative.
  • It's consistent.

What makes a successful advertising campaign? ›

Oftentimes, the goal of ad campaigns is to get people to feel a certain way about a brand or product. As such, an advertising campaign is successful if it drums up attention, increases sales and inquiries, or creates a shift in opinion.

What are 7 types of propaganda? ›

Alfred M. Lee and Elizabeth B. Lee classified the propaganda devices into seven major categories: (i) name-calling (ii) Glittering generalities, (iii) transfer, (iv) testimonial, (v) Plain-folk, (vi) Card-stacking and (vii) Bandwagon.

Which advertising technique do you think is the most effective Explain your reasons? ›

Social media marketing is one of the most effective ways to connect with your ideal customers online. Why? It all comes down to attention. And the fact of the matter is that basically everyone today is on social media and has their eyes glued to their screen.

What is an example of bandwagon advertising? ›

Companies use advertising to convince a customer that they are joining a much larger group of happy customers. A famous example of bandwagon advertising is on every (somewhat misleading) McDonald's sign. It's easy to order a burger when you know that there are potentially billions of satisfied customers.

What are the 5 key players in advertising? ›

Terms in this set (5)
  • the advertiser. represent a company // one promoting the product // the person or organization that "needs to get out a message"
  • the advertising agency. independent from the company // 1. ...
  • the media. ...
  • vendor. ...
  • the target audience.

What are the 9 types of advertising? ›

ADVERTISEMENTS: Nine types of advertising media available to an advertiser are: (1) direct mail (2) newspapers and magazines (3) radio advertising (4) television advertising (5) film advertising (6) outdoor advertising (7) window display (8) fairs and exhibition and (9) specially advertising!

What are the 7 functions of advertising? ›

The 7 marketing functions
  • Promotion. Promotion fosters brand awareness while educating target audiences on a brand's products or services. ...
  • Selling. ...
  • Product management. ...
  • Pricing. ...
  • Marketing information management. ...
  • Financing. ...
  • Distribution.

What are the main types of advertisement? ›

There are 3 main types of digital advertising at your disposal: display advertising. paid search advertising. social media advertising.

What is the best type of advertising? ›

Word-of-mouth advertising is considered the most effective form. It has the desired qualities of strong credibility, high audience attention levels, and friendly audience reception.

What are the 3 types of product advertising? ›

The three types of product advertising are pioneering, comparative, and competitive.

What are the 3 types of advertising media? ›

6 Types of Advertising Media Channels
  • Video Advertising: Television & YouTube. ...
  • Audio Channels: Radio & Podcast Advertising. ...
  • Newspapers. ...
  • Print & Digital Publications (Magazines) ...
  • Out-Of-Home Advertising. ...
  • Social Media.

What is importance of advertisement? ›

Advertising is important because it can drive business growth. Advertising works to amplify your small business marketing efforts and helps you reach the right audience with positive, targeted messaging that converts potential customers into paying customers.

What are the types of advertising agencies and agency jobs? ›

Advertising Agency Jobs: Titles, Roles & Responsibilities
  • Account Director / Manager.
  • Marketing Manager / Director.
  • Traffic Manager / Production Manager.
  • Brand Strategist.
  • Digital Strategist.
  • Media Planner / Buyer.
  • Creative Director.
  • Art Director.
27 Oct 2021

What are roles of advertising? ›

The five functions of advertising are informing, influencing, increasing salience, adding value, and other efforts. Companies inform by presenting data about their organizations and products. They Influence by convincing consumers to buy certain products or services over others.

What are the 10 advertising appeals? ›

The seven major types of advertising appeals include musical, sexual, humor, fear, emotional, rational, and scarcity, which all have the common goal of influencing the way consumers view themselves and the benefits of the products or services being advertised.

How many types of advertisements are there class 12? ›

There are two kinds of advertisements: Classified; Commercial.


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