Heavy Duty Guillotine Paper Cutter - 12" (2022)

The HFS 12" Guillotine Paper Cutter is a commercial grade trimmer capable of cutting up to 400 sheets in a single pass. Save time. energy. and money when making many of the same cuts with this high quality cutter. Easily create half page flyers and save money on paper.

With an adjustable paper clamp. you are sure to get precise cuts every time as the razor harp blade cuts through up to a inch and a half of stacked paper. The blade is also easily replaceable. just take off a few screws and remove the blade when it needs to be sharpened.

Product Description

  • Easy to Operate, Sturdy, Well Balanced Frame with Heavy Duty Construction.
  • Professionally machined and assembled steel blade rail and sturdy blade assembly.
  • Hardened precision steel blade customized at the factory. Blades can either be re-sharpened or replaced if needed.
  • Machined steel side gauge with standard measures (1/32" resolution), protected with scratch resistant coating.


  • Heavy Duty Steel Base
  • Hardened Steel Cutting Blade
  • Adjustable Paper Clamp
  • Pre-assembled and ready-to-use out of the box
  • Scratch resistant coating on grid surface
  • Clamp wheel for better holding thicker paper
  • Ruler in inches and clear embossed grid for precise cutting
  • Cutting handle bar and adjustable backstop for better handling
  • Non-skid rubber feet for table use
  • CE Certified


  • Base Size: 21" x 15" x 1 1/2"
  • Overall Size: 21" x 15" x 13 1/2" (including cutting bar)
  • Maximum Cutting Width: 12"
  • Best Cutting Size: Under Letter Size Paper
  • Maximum Cutting Capacity: 400 Sheets (for 2.85oz Letter Paper)
  • Package size: 25" x 17.7" x 11.8"
  • Package Weight: 40 lbs

Whats Included:

  • 1 - Desktop 400 Sheets Paper Cutter
  • 1 - Blade Splint (Tool Box Cover)

Paper Cutter Support and Tips

Safety Guidelines

  1. Operator should read the entire manual before attempting to use the cutter.
  2. Never place hands below the blade, always use the included blade holder when changing the blade.
  3. Do not attempt to cut any material other than paper.
  4. Keep away from children. Store cutter with blade down, clamp down, and handle removed.

Initial Assembly

  1. Remove the cutter from box and place on a flat surface.
  2. You may need to reverse the clamp using the included allen wrench. See photo to the right.
  3. Attach the cutting handle by sliding it over the rod. The handle doesn’t attach in any way keeping it easy to remove.
  4. Rotate the clamp handle clockwise to tighten the paper. It needs to be clamped very tightly to keep the paper from shifting while being cut.
  5. Push the safety button while lowering the blade handle.
  6. Firmly press the blade handle all the way down until the blade strikes the red cutting stick.
  7. Raise the blade and clamp to remove your cut paper.


  1. Rotate the clamp handle counter clockwise to lift the clamp
  2. Lift the blade handle to raise the blade to max height, the rear safety button should engage.
  3. Move the fence to your desired cutting length, and insert paper square against side and back fences.
  4. Rotate the clamp handle clockwise to tighten the paper. It needs to be clamped very tightly to keep the paper from shifting while being cut.
  5. Push the safety button while lowering the blade handle 6. Firmly press the blade handle all the way down until the blade strikes the red cutting stick.
  6. Raise the blade and clamp to remove your cut paper.


Maintenance All moving parts with screws should be checked periodically to be sure the screws are tight. They may become loose in the process of transportation. Users should also check and tighten the screws after more than 200 cutting cycles. All moving parts should be lubricated periodically to maintain performance and equipment life.

Replacing The Feet The cutter has 4 molded plastic feet, one at each corner. These feet keep the cutter from slipping and keep it level. These feet can be broken during shipping, or if the cutter is dropped. We have included one extra foot just in case of shipping damage, but we are happy to send more. Please contact us within 5 business days of receiving your cutter to let us know you need replacement feet. If feet are later damaged by accident, we do have them available for purchase as well. The feet can be attached by a screw or by an adhesive film, simple pull the broken foot off and attach the new one in its place.

Replace Cutting Stick

The cutting stick is the red surface that the blade contacts during the cutting process. Eventually the blade will cause a deep groove in the cutting stick which will cause issues with cutting the last few sheets of paper, what that happens it needs to be rotated or replaced. Each side of the stick can be used twice by flipping the stick length-wise, then you canrotate to a fresh side of the stick for 8 usable areas total.

1. Turn the cutter upside down
2. Locate two screws that go horizontally into the cutting stick
3. Loosen the screws, then push the stick out through the top of the cutter
4. Replace the stick with a fresh side under the blade
5. Tighten the screws back in (not too hard, you don't want to make indentations in the stick


Note: If you encounter a situation where the paper cannot be cut: first lower the empty knife and observe where the front blade (knife edge) meets the red pad. The gap between the rear edge of the blade and the red pad is 2mm (low front and high back) for the best cutting Cut state. If it is too flat or the height difference between the front and rear ends is too large, please refer to the following methods to make adjustments.

Remove the hood screws (two on the top of the knife holder and two on the bottom of the chassis) and then open the cover (remove the cover according to the steps in the figure below).

Heavy Duty Guillotine Paper Cutter - 12" (1)Heavy Duty Guillotine Paper Cutter - 12" (2)Heavy Duty Guillotine Paper Cutter - 12" (3)

The first case: if the rear end cannot be cut off (close to the shake handle position)



Then put a piece of paper for trial cutting. When the paper cutting handle is pressed down, the adjustment block will automatically lift up until the blade can completely cut the paper (it can also be adjusted to a height of 1-2MM between the front and rear).

Afteradjustment,tightenthenut①intheoppositedirection.Heavy Duty Guillotine Paper Cutter - 12" (4)

The second case: If the front end cannot be cut (close to the knife leg position)

Loosen the nut 360 degrees in the direction shown in the figure.

Adjust the screw according to the figure ②.

Then put a piece of paper for trial cutting until the leading edge of the paper can be cut. After adjustment, tighten the nut ① in the opposite direction.Heavy Duty Guillotine Paper Cutter - 12" (5)

Blade Leveling Instructions

When the blade is fully down it should be slightly lower in the "back" of the cutter (near the hinge). If it isn't, there is a way to adjust is. First try turning the cutting stick to a fresh side. It can be rotated 8 ways before it needs to be replaced. On the bottom (underneath) of the cutter there are 2 bolts that go horizontally into the side of the cutting stick. Loosen those and push the stick out through the top of the cutter. Turn to a fresh side and put it back into place.

If that doesn't help:

Please refer to the videos on our website or contact customer service for instructions on how to remove the side access panel. Once it's off, follow these steps:

Look at the back end of the cutter (where the hinge is) and you will see a silver metal plate with three bolts aligned vertically. Loosen the top and bottom bolt only, also note at the top of the silver plate there is a small set screw. Adjust the entire silver plate (which will move the entire hinge) up and down to adjust the angle of the blade on the red cutting stick. It should contact the back of the cutting stick first, and still be -1/16-1/8" or so away from touching in the front.

The assembly may be hard to move at first, since it's been bolted in place from the factory. Often you can use a screwdriver or pry bar to get it to start moving. Loosening the middle bolt on the silver plate may help as well, though it usually isn't necessary.

Replacing The Blade The cutting blade is made of heat-treated high-carbon steel and is designed for repeated use. However, over time the blade will become dull, and not perform to the highest standards. Cutting heavy paper or cardboard will dull the blade more quickly than thinner paper stock. A dull blade will not cut accurately. To remove the blade, place the blade holder under the blade and lower the blade until it rests on the holder. Remove the screw holding the blade in place, then raise the blade mechanism which will leave the blade sitting in the holder. The blade can be sharpened by a professional sharpening service for knives, lawn mowers, swords, and more. The blade can also be replaced with a new blade.

Support / Warranty / Shipping Damage / Replacement Parts

If your cutter arrived damaged, or you have a warranty claim, HFS will take care of all issues. We also have videos available and updated information on design changes and commons questions about the cutter.

The limited-warranty period on our cutters is 1-Year from Date of Purchase. The warranty does not cover blades, feet, knobs, cutting sticks, safety pins, or customer negligence. Shipping damage claims must be submitted within one week of received the product. Returns are accepted within 30 days of date of purchase, no exceptions.

Contact Us

If the above website doesn’t help you may contact us at the following email:


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