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What is Industrial Tape | Heavy Duty?

Industrial tape and industrial adhesive spray glues are the ideal tape and adhesive to use when you need a strong, reliable adhesive for your commercial applications.

There are a wide range of heavy duty industrial tapes which are suitable for many applications across a wide range of industries including: Shopfitting, construction, glazing, sign manufacturing, print and graphic design, POS, or Point of Sale, Boat manufacturers and boat builders, automotive, paper and cardboard manufacturers, screen printing, general crafting, forensic science, flooring installations, factories, furniture manufacturing, PCB manufacturing and many more.

These have been designed and manufactured with heavy duty, long lasting, and quality in mind. All these variations are not only high quality; but, also cheap, and come with bulk buying quantities. So the more you buy the more you save.

Adhesives in this range come in 3 main variations from: Butyl tape, industrial spray glue, heavy duty masking tape, strong foam tape, magnetic tape, adhesive stick on feet for point of sale and retail markets, hook and loop tape, acrylic gel tape, filter and blanking tape, anti shatter glass tape, glow in the dark hazard tape, transparent tape, double sided tape and more.

Third Party Video's of Industrial Tape in use and being made

Please note: These videos are for informational purposes only, and the tapes used may be different variations than the ones we directly supply.

Third Party Video's of Industrial Spray Glue in Action

Demonstrating: 22L H45 - KoolTherm Panel Spray Adhesive

Our Industrial Strength Tape Ranges Explained

These industrial strength adhesive tape & glues are divided into clear groupings to make the right tape for your application easier to find. These ranges are made up on:

Automotive Tape & Automotive Adhesives

These car adhesive tapes and spray glues have been designed for use within the car industry from body shops, paint repair shops and vans. These range from fine line tapes for car detailing, foam tapes for decals and badge fixings and repair, to cable harnessing and heat reflection tapes.

Boat Tape & Boat Builders Adhesives

These boat tapes and spray glues have been designed for use within the marine and boat manufacture and repair industry. These adhesives are ideal for repairing boats to make them sea worth again, along with being ideal for boat interior fixings.

Construction Tape & Construction Adhesives

These heavy duty adhesive tapes and spray glues have been designed for use within the construction industry from building and DIY projects to fixing leaks, insulation, and roof repairs.

Crafting Tape | Scrapbooking Tape

These products are ideal for the professional and DIYer crafter. They include everything from foam pads, book repair tapes, to high and low tack transparent tapes.

Flooring Adhesive & Industrial Floor Tape

These products are ideal for the professional and DIYer floor repair professional. They include everything to fix various flooring materials, from wood, laminate, carpet, rugs and a lot more.

Forensic Science

We stock a range of finger lifting tape which is classed and ideal for use in the forensic science industry.

Furniture Tape

Our range of furniture tape is ideal from photo frame manufacture and repair, to fixing issues around the house. You can even buy small adhesive stick on feet which are ideal for use on chair and table legs in cafe and restaurant environments.

Glazing Tape

Our industrial glazing tape range covers everything both the professional glass fitter or home DIY enthusiast would want when it comes to glass and window fixing and repair. From our secondary glazing attachment kits, to our window sealing repair and anti glass shatter tapes.

Paper and Cardboard Manufacturer Tape

These packing tapes come in multiple of sizes and strengths to cover your every requirement. From standard high quality brown packaging tape, to heavy duty strong cross weave packing tape.

Point of Sale Tape

Our industrial standard POS tape or Point of Sale, is ideal for use in commercial retail shop applications. These include everything from hook and look, to magnetic tapes that cab be written on, to spray glue for retail repairs and adhesive sticky feet for furniture and flooring protection.

Print and Graphic Design tapes

These highly reliable tapes have all been designed for use in the print industry. They include everything from painting tapes, to hook and loop, to double sided tapes ideal for a huge number of uses.

Screen Printing Tape

These highly reliable screen printing tapes are ideal for use in the screen printing industry.

Shop fitting Tape & Spray Adhesive Glues

These tapes and glues are ideal for use in the shop fitting industry, and cover everything from industrial spray glues, and masking tape to double sided tapes.

Sign Manufacturing Tape & Adhesives

These tapes have been designed for use for sign makers. They cover everything from acrylic gel tapes, double sided foam tape to hook and loop for sign attachment.

Other adhesive lines

Further to this ones listed above there are many other tapes and adhesives available. Please use the categories menu at the top to find out more, or contact our friendly team to find out how we can help you.

How much does Industrial strength tape cost?

This type of tape can be quite cheap to buy, starting from as little as 1p / metre. Almost all of these come with bulk buying options. As a result, the more you buy, the more you save.

Bulk buying options available

If you are looking to buy these tapes in bulk, most options we have on offer come with bulk buying options.

Who are Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Solutions?

PSA Solutions Ltd, are: industrial tape suppliers, based in Leicestershire, UK.

We have a large range of: adhesive tapes, in our Leicester warehouse, ready to be dispatched - normally - within 2-3 days.

So if you can not see the adhesive you are looking for contact our friendly sales team for free advice.

Where can I find out more about?

To find out even more technical information about strong adhesive tape please see this Wikipedia page.

A sample of the Reviews for some of tapes in this range

Industrial Tissue Tape

Name: Jill

Fantastic quality and great price. This tape is so easy to use as it gives you a lifting tab at each side so there is no difficulty removing the backing. Another plus is that it tears easily so if you don't have scissors to hand there's no problem. I score it 5 out of 5. Many thanks.
→ Industrial Tape | Heavy Duty Tapes | Cheap From 1p / Mtr (2)

Don't take our word for it, see what some of our past customers have said about products in this range.

Name: Lesley

Hi ,this Tape is brilliant , firm hold you can rely on.Brilliant for craft purposes.
→ Industrial Tape | Heavy Duty Tapes | Cheap From 1p / Mtr (3)

Name: Bharrison

As a supplier of wedding stationery I am always looking for products that will enable me to achieve a professional standard, and this tissue tape without doubt is the best I have ever used and extremely good value for money. I would rate 5 out of 5!
→ Industrial Tape | Heavy Duty Tapes | Cheap From 1p / Mtr (4)

Name: Linda

As a wedding stationer i'm always on the look-out for great adhesives and this double sided tape is spot on. It's super high tack which is so important for my purposes and it holds so amazingly well. I've stopped looking for a better product as i've decided after many weeks of use this is the one for me. I will definitely be back for variations of this tape in different widths. Score 5 out of 5 no problem!
→ Industrial Tape | Heavy Duty Tapes | Cheap From 1p / Mtr (5)

Name: Shirley

Just wanted to say I think your products are brilliant - I brought the tissue tape and red liner tape. I make handmade cards and these products are a must have in any crafters stash. I will definitely be coming back to purchase more! Thank you for products that are quality (actually stick!) and a great competitive price. Cheers.
→ Industrial Tape | Heavy Duty Tapes | Cheap From 1p / Mtr (6)

Name: Beverley

I purchased the 3mm x 50m very high tack double sided tissue tape for my business making wedding invitations and stationery. The product is excellent and extremely good value for money, and I would highly recommend it with a score of 5 out of 5!
→ Industrial Tape | Heavy Duty Tapes | Cheap From 1p / Mtr (7)

A sample of the Reviews for some of our Industrial Butyl Flashing Tapes in this range

Name: Graeme

Your flashing tape is very useful in our business if supplying steel building kits. As it provides a permanent solution to windblown water ingress, sealing to old structures and cleaning up joints that have been abused in some way by users. All in all, I keep a roll in the car as part of my emergency kit.
→ Industrial Tape | Heavy Duty Tapes | Cheap From 1p / Mtr (8)

Name: Brian

I would give 5 out of 5 and would not go on a job without either the grey or white butyl flashing in my tool box.
→ Industrial Tape | Heavy Duty Tapes | Cheap From 1p / Mtr (9)

Name: Manoj

Score of 5.
→ Industrial Tape | Heavy Duty Tapes | Cheap From 1p / Mtr (10)

A sample of the Reviews for some of our Industrial High-performance GCA Butyl Tapes in this range

Name: Angus

The sealant tape we bought from PSA Solutions was good quality and at the right price.We used it as a lap tape for 6000 square feet of profile sheeting and associated flashings.We have no hesitation in recommending this product and will use it again on the next roofing job we undertake.
→ Industrial Tape | Heavy Duty Tapes | Cheap From 1p / Mtr (11)

Name: Paul

I used this product to install and seal a Motorhome Roof light into my Citroen Relay van. Because of the ribs on the roof, I was finding it difficult to just seal properly with silicone sealant. After doing a bit of internet searching I came across PSA Solutions found this product. It has exceeded my expectations considering to excellent price. The roof light has not leaked even with strong winds, heavy rain and travelling up the motorway at 70mph. If you're looking for an excellent sealing product then I would highly recommend it..
→ Industrial Tape | Heavy Duty Tapes | Cheap From 1p / Mtr (12)

Images of some of our Industrial Tapes & Industrial Adhesive Glues

→ Industrial Tape | Heavy Duty Tapes | Cheap From 1p / Mtr (13)→ Industrial Tape | Heavy Duty Tapes | Cheap From 1p / Mtr (14)→ Industrial Tape | Heavy Duty Tapes | Cheap From 1p / Mtr (15)→ Industrial Tape | Heavy Duty Tapes | Cheap From 1p / Mtr (16)→ Industrial Tape | Heavy Duty Tapes | Cheap From 1p / Mtr (17)→ Industrial Tape | Heavy Duty Tapes | Cheap From 1p / Mtr (18)→ Industrial Tape | Heavy Duty Tapes | Cheap From 1p / Mtr (19)→ Industrial Tape | Heavy Duty Tapes | Cheap From 1p / Mtr (20)

The heavy duty mounting tape 3m provides the tools and materials necessary to solve your problem regardless of how intense the requirements might be. Instructions, DVDs, and online videos are available to help make your experience and use successful. Be sure that your heavy duty mounting tape 3m includes ALL the basic essentials to efficiently make the task faster, easy-apply materials etc.). Instructions should include basic user manuals.

Best heavy duty mounting tape 3m: Our 10 Picks #PreviewProduct13M Double Sided Tape, Heavy Duty Mounting Tape, Waterproof VHB Foam Tape, for Indoor Outdoor Car LED.... Buy on Amazon 33M Double Sided Tape Mounting Tape Heavy Duty, 3M VHB Waterproof Foam Tape for LED Strip Lights, Car.... Buy on Amazon 5Double Sided Tape, Vhb Heavy Duty Mounting Tape, 33FT x 0.4IN Adhesive Foam Tape 3M Quality for Home.... Buy on Amazon 6LAPANDA 3M Double Sided Tape, Waterproof Heavy Duty Foam Tape, 36FT Length, 0.4 Inch Width for Car,.... Buy on Amazon 7Double Sided Tape Heavy Duty 100FT, Waterproof Strong Mounting Adhesive Tape for Walls, Car, Home.... Buy on Amazon 8Double Sided Tape Heavy Duty, Mounting Tape, Waterproof Foam Tape, 16.4FT Length, 0.94 Inch Width.... Buy on Amazon 93M VHB Heavy Duty Mounting Tape 4910, Clear, 1/2" x 5 yards, Double Sided, Permanent, High Strength,.... Buy on Amazon 10Double Sided Tape Heavy Duty (2 Pack), Waterproof Strong Mounting Adhesive Tape for Walls, Car, Home.... 【Heavy Duty Tapes】You will get 2 strong double sided mounting tapes.. If you want a new heavy duty mounting tape 3m but don’t care about its quality, it might not last long enough to be worth using in the first place.. Find out what makes a good product in the business you want to work in.. Before you buy something, make sure it is worth the money.. Think about how long you want to use the product for as well.

The sight of tape residue on shiny metal surfaces is a highly unattractive one that, more often than not, leaves little to be desired. The good news, however, is that removing adhesives from metallic surfaces isn’t such a tall order. So, how can you remove tape residue from metal?  If that tape residue has been

So, how can you remove tape residue from metal?. Give the alcohol enough time, preferably five to seven minutes, to work and evaporate before you start cleaning up the surface.. Before you start removing tape residue from metal, examining the surface to determine the problem at hand is highly recommended.. The same applies when using a hairdryer to weaken bonds.. You’ll have to do more physical work if you don’t give solvents enough time to work.. You’ll have a much easier time removing tape residue after allowing the metal enough time to soak in solvents like WD40 or alcohol.. You should also give solvents enough time to work before wiping off the tape residue.

Packing Tape is a fundamental requirement of the packaging industry. With paper tape and plastic tape being the most popular, find out the right packing tape for your needs.

One of the most fundamental requirements of the packaging industry is “ packing tape ”.. There are various types of packing tapes available.. But even paper and plastic tapes can be divided based on their application.. These tapes transparent, brown in color, or can be easily customized with patterns or branding.. Properties : Inexpensive, durable Construction : Paper, Polyester Application : For lightweight packages. Properties : Strong, durable, scuff-resistance, insulation Construction : PVC, Reinforced paper, Heat/water activated Application : For heavy packages, electrical insulation. Image Courtesy: hindi.printablesecuritylabels.com Security packaging tape or tamper-evident tapes are used to detect package tampering.. Unlike plastic tapes, gummed packing tapes come in different grades based on box weight.. However, gummed tapes are ideal when security is of high concern.. Another advantage of gummed tape is that they can be applied easily without pressure, making them suitable for fragile boxes.. Image Courtesy: Industry Plaza Properties : Flexible, extremely sticky/tacky, heat resistance, can be torn by hand Construction : Polyethylene, PSA Applications : Across industries, especially packers-and-moves and HVAC. Packing tapes can be customized for length, width, thickness, and can even be printed upon.. The print could be to add some information about the contents of the box or handling— for example, a tape that says “fragile” could indicate that the box has to be handled with care— or, could be used for branding— for example, Zomato uses a tape with its logo to seal the contents of a delivery box.. When it comes to picking the right packaging tape, you have to take into account several factors— such as the weight and dimensions of the package, the stability of the package contents, security requirements, strength of the box, and shipping methods.. For example, corrugated boxes with light-weight contents might need a regular BOPP tape , heavy packages might need paper tapes, whereas a valuable package might need tamper-evident sealing .

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