Keep your lawn lush with these top 5 garden hoses (2022)

A good quality garden hose is a must-have for any gardener.

Though England can usually be relied upon for a decent amount of rain, recent increases in temperature and changes in weather patterns mean once luscious lawns are now suffering.By investing in the right hose, you can ensure your garden flourishes and your green-fingered efforts don’t go to waste.

How do you find the ‘right’ hose? Good question.

We’ve done the research and identified the top five hoses based on different budgets and gardening needs. Read on for more details.

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The 5 best garden hoses on the market

Keep your lawn lush with these top 5 garden hoses (1)

Keep your lawn lush with these top 5 garden hoses (2)

Best top-rated retractable garden hose

Hozelock Ltd 2595 0000 Auto Reel 40m Hose

£140 at Amazon

Keep your lawn lush with these top 5 garden hoses (3)

Keep your lawn lush with these top 5 garden hoses (4)

Best budget-friendly expandable garden hose

Grandma Shark Expandable Garden Hose

£17.99 at Amazon

Keep your lawn lush with these top 5 garden hoses (5)

Keep your lawn lush with these top 5 garden hoses (6)

Best basic garden hose that will get the job done

McGregor Heavy Duty Anti Kink Hose SET (50m)

£56 at Argos

What to consider when buying a garden hose

As a fairly run-of-the-mill tool, it’s easy to underestimate the importance of a quality garden hose.By simply selecting the cheapest option on the market, you’re likely to run into issues such as rotting, cracking and springing leaks. And let’s face it – no one wants to have to buy a new hose every season. We have more exciting things to spend our money on ;)That’s why it’s important to choose a model that’s guaranteed to perform and last, season after season.Though quality is essential, we also identified other key elements to consider during your shopping process:

Keep your lawn lush with these top 5 garden hoses (9)

Hose length

There is a huge variation in the length of garden hoses, with most ranging between 7-30 metres. While it may be tempting to select a long one and be done with it, this approach can not only be costly, but also result in unnecessary tangles, the need for excessive storage space and result in lower water pressure overall. So carefully consider the area you will be watering.

For those with smaller yards or pot-planted balconies, shorter seven metre hoses will be adequate. However for larger lawns and gardening areas a 15-30 metre hose would make more sense. Don’t forget, it’s also possible to connect multiple hoses to obtain longer lengths if needed, too.

Hose diameter

To ensure optimum water flow, most standard garden hoses measure just under two centimetres in diameter, though it’s possible to find them in smaller widths as well.The benefit of narrower hoses? They’re lighter to carry around larger yards. The flipside? The water flow is less, so while they’ll get the job done they’re not ideal for sprinkler use.


Garden hoses are usually made from rubber and/or vinyl, with each material offering different benefits.

Vinyl hoses are an affordable, lightweight option for those with basic gardening needs. Due to the nature of the vinyl, they have a tendency to easily tangle and may crack more readily – but will serve smaller courtyards and balconied areas well.

Rubber hoses are more common thanks to their durability and flexibility, however these can become increasingly heavy to pull around your yard.

To allow for lighter weights and durability, we are seeing a combination of vinyl and rubber materials used more and more – with some even featuring mesh liners between the materials to resist kinking and provide extra support for high-pressure water levels.

Keep your lawn lush with these top 5 garden hoses (10)


When purchasing your hose, check out the “burst pressure” rating. As the name indicates, this rating reflects the point at which the hose will burst, depending on the water pressure. Lower quality hoses may burst at around the 200 psi level, with industrial strength hoses being closer to 500 or 600 psi. For average watering needs, look for a hose with a rating of around 350 psi – and be wary of selecting any hose lower than this.

Couplings on the hose

A “coupling” is how the hose attaches to another hose, tap or alternate water source and, as such, is a feature almost as important as the hose itself. When it comes to selecting your couplings, the best most durable option is to go for a metal coupler (like brass or chrome) as these are the most durable and leak resistant. While plastic options are also readily available and function well, they have a tendency to break and crack over time – especially when left outside long-term.

Our final tip? Make sure your hose features a collar. A decent rubber or plastic “collar” (a length of 10-15 cm that runs from the coupling up the hose) is crucial to preventing kinking and splits in the hose.

Check out our selection of the best garden hoses, each with varying functionalities for every type of garden and gardener, below.

Best top-rated retractable garden hose

Photo: Amazon

Hozelock Ltd 2595 0000 Auto Reel 40m Hose

You save£96.49(40.80%)


£140 at Amazon

As a tool with an array of useful features, the Hozelock LTD 2595 0000 Auto Reel 40m Hose is our favourite retractable hose.

Featuring a handy pivotable wall bracket, smooth unwinding capabilities, an automatic locking device that keeps the hose at your desired length, and the patented ‘Auto Reel’ function which enables the hose to coil back into the receptacle, this hose is super easy to use and store – and it won’t kink. Plus, thanks to the receptacle, it’s kept out of the elements, thereby extending its lifespan.

With almost 5,000 customer reviews on Amazon and a 4.5-star rating, this premium retractable hose comes with a five-year guarantee.

Upsides and Downsides

  • Reviews indicate hose may develop leaks near the couplings

Best budget-friendly expandable garden hose

Photo: Amazon

Grandma Shark Expandable Garden Hose


£17.99 at Amazon

If you are seeking a durable and affordable 50ft expandable garden hose, then the Grandma Shark is for you. Not only a cute name, this hose is made from high-quality 3750D polyester fabric and four layers of latex, ensuring durability. Easy to store and lightweight, it’s perfect for washing your car, watering your yard or garden, and can even be used to wash your favourite furry pet.The expandable nature of the Grandma Shark allows for easy, compact storage, both inflating and deflating within moments of the water being turned on or off, and also comes with a complementary spray nozzle that features an array of options including mist, shower, flat, full, soaker and more.

Upsides and Downsides

  • Affordable price

  • Expandable design makes it easy to store

  • Exceptionally durable with four layers of quality material

  • Comes with a spray nozzle that has a variety of spray patterns for all your gardening needs

  • One year warranty

  • Needs to be stored outside of the sun or could split

Best basic garden hose that will get the job done

Photo: Argos

McGregor Heavy Duty Anti Kink Hose SET (50m)


£56 at Argos

Just looking for a basic hose to get the job done? Featuring five reinforced layers, the McGregor is a heavy-duty, anti-kink hose that withstands twisting and pinching without stopping the flow of water.

Also including a premium spray nozzle, multiple tap adapters and a universal water stop connector, if you are seeking a classic hose that is both durable and tough, you won’t be disappointed with this traditional model.

Upsides and Downsides

  • Five layers of durability

  • Anti-kink design

  • Comes with a premium spray nozzle

  • Five year guarantee

  • Heavy to drag around

  • Does not come with its own hose reel

  • Needs to be stored carefully in cooler climates to ensure durability

Best sprinkler hose for watering large areas

Photo: Amazon

GARDENA Sprinkler Hose


£31.90 at Amazon

The Gardena irrigation system is an excellent choice for those with a large area to water.

Featuring a series of small holes along the hose, the Gardena produces a fine spray mist, ideal for delicate plants. Simply position the hose across your garden or lawn and turn it on.

Manufactured in Germany and built to last, it comes with an impressive 10-year warranty and almost 2,000 rave reviews on Amazon.

Upsides and Downsides

  • A hose/sprinkler combo

  • Creates a fine mist

  • Lays well across the garden’s surface for precision watering

  • 10-year warranty

  • Flips over easy around corners

Best portable gardening hose for large outdoor spaces

Photo: The Range

Garden Hose Trolley (with hose included)


£39.99 at The Range

If you are seeking an all-in-one hose and trolley system, then this is the set for you. With a 25m long hose coiled within a plastic and metal trolley frame, we love this option for those in need of a little support during their gardening.

No more lugging a heavy, water-logged tool around – simply roll the lightweight trolley alongside you as you go, and tuck it out of the way once done.

Upsides and Downsides

  • Comes with its own trolley system

  • Rolls easily across rough garden terrain with large trolley wheels

  • Keeps your hose kink-free

  • Easy to tuck away when not in use

  • Hose measures only 25m

  • Does not include a range of nozzles

Our verdict: What is the best garden hose on the market?

Due to its many features, the Hozelock LTD 2595 0000 Auto Reel 40m Hose is our leading choice for the best hose on the market. With its retractable design, durable materials and 180 degree swivel bracket, it can be mounted anywhere for easy access and compact storage.

If you’re after something basic and keen to save your money, we love the Grandma Shark Expandable Garden Hose. No frills or fuss, it will get the job done on a budget.

In terms of durability and strength, the McGregor Heavy Duty Anti Kink Hose Set (50m) is a stand out option. With proper care, this hose and its premium quality spray nozzle will last for years.No matter the size of your garden, there’s a fantastic and functional hose option out there for you. Before you make a purchase take a moment to consider your needs, and refer to our breakdown above. With the right hose in place, your yard and garden will go from dry to thriving in no time.

Prices updated on 27/07/2022. We are not responsible for any changes on the prices mentioned above.

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