Portable Room Dividers - Movable Wall Partitions (2023)

Portable room dividers are a reliable and versatile way to conquer the transitional nature of space and time with movable walls. They serve a wide array of short-term purposes that demand fast and flexible solutions. Walls on wheels empower you to divide, surround, enhance, protect, direct, or otherwise create the right environment for temporary services and events as well as more permanent arrangements.

With over 1,400,000 movable wall partitions sold across America in an assortment of colors and sizes (and an impressive quick ship selection), these wheeled room dividers are ready to deploy on demand. Roll, Fold & Done. They also ship fully assembled!


Chances are, you probably walked right past a movable wall on wheels within the last week and didn’t even notice. Screenflex dividers are sneaky like that. They quietly serve their purpose without calling attention to themselves, OR to the things they’re meant to block or have cordoned off.

They’re also ubiquitous. Essentially any environment where humans gather, there’s a pretty good chance that a movable wall divider is either actively in use or neatly tucked away somewhere nearby.

Business: Office Spaces, Training Spaces, and Meeting Space

From large commercial spaces to small business setups, everyone wants to maximize their office space for ideal workflow and productivity. Screen wall dividers help achieve that goal comfortably, portably, and flexibly with minimal effort. Instead of investing in the permanence of drywall or even drywall alternatives, you can convert a large open office area into individual spaces using office privacy screens.

It’s not uncommon for facility managers to have one or two retractable privacy walls neatly tucked away in storage with equally temporary fold up chairs and tables. Some companies use them as a separation wall in a bright company color (or branded with their logo!) positioned behind a reception desk to create an instant lobby to welcome visitors.

The need to create flexible space within an office environment is common, varied, and consistent. Not surprisingly the demand for “flex space” is often seasonal, transitional, and temporary. The office space planners on our team have designed countless projects where mixed-use/adaptable spaces are required, and our temp wall system satisfies those requirements.

One example is a conference room design created specifically for an extra-long rectangular room. We specified an expandable conference table made up of connectable modular conference table pieces that adapt to accommodate meeting sizes from 6 people up to 20. We made it easy to reorient the room as needed by installing a retractable wall mounted room screen divider that split the room into two smaller areas for meetings, training sessions, and other gatherings. When it’s no longer needed this collapsible wall divider folds up and out of the way.

Portable Room Dividers - Movable Wall Partitions (1)Portable Room Dividers - Movable Wall Partitions (2)
Portable Room Dividers - Movable Wall Partitions (3)Portable Room Dividers - Movable Wall Partitions (4)

Transportation: Airports, Train Stations, and Bus Depots

Security is a primary concern in transportation facilities, especially with the fluctuation in crowd size and density. Movable wall partitions serve as great security barriers to help manage safety procedures, guide the flow of people, and much more. These durable, built-to-last Screenflex partition panels come in a variety of colorful fabrics with a tackable surface, making them an excellent place to pin bulletins and passenger information.

Wall dividers on wheels can block construction zones or closed terminals in order to restrict access for unauthorized individuals. They can clearly define entry and exit points, and quickly be repositioned to adapt to the ebb and flow of thicker and thinner crowds. Security personnel can also use a portable privacy screen to create a private enclosed area for inspecting baggage and conducting interviews or pat-down screenings.

When large facilities are undergoing section by section renovations, they can spread out these crowd barriers in lengths up to 24-feet to create a physical safety boundary. Once the work is complete, they fold into a compact footprint no larger than 2’x3’ and easily roll to the next section awaiting renovation.

Portable divider walls serve to protect the public from hazardous areas when deployed as physical barriers, but they can also offer comfort. Transit personnel can use these wheeled wonders as a separation wall to offer delayed and weary travelers a quiet area to recharge away from the hustle and bustle.

(Video) Movable Partition Wall & Installation | How to Make the Movable Partition Wall Installation?

Portable Room Dividers - Movable Wall Partitions (5)--Portable Room Dividers - Movable Wall Partitions (6)
Portable Room Dividers - Movable Wall Partitions (7)Portable Room Dividers - Movable Wall Partitions (8)

Hospitality: Event Halls, Hotels, and Restaurants

Movers & shakers in the hospitality industry are a big fan of movable wall systems. Hosting a steady stream of short-term events with pressure to smoothly transition from one to the next, they appreciate the fast and flexible benefits of the system.

Hotels and other event venues rely on movable walls on casters in their conference rooms and banquet halls to scale open spaces up or down, depending on the number of attendees. In a single room they might cater a small executive board meeting in the morning, host a traveling soccer team’s awards ceremony in the afternoon, and then welcome a large wedding reception the next day.

Used as a partition screen these marvels come in handy to hide back-of-the-house operations such as food staging, prep, and cleaning areas. They also work great as a visual barrier for a temporary coatroom or a luggage storage area. When groups arrive by the busload, attending staff can position a temporary wall partition near the registration desk to support check-in operations.

Restaurants have similar needs when it comes to hosting parties. By using a strategically placed crowd divider they can block off a section of the restaurant for a large catered event, leaving the remaining tables open to the public. This way instead of closing the whole restaurant for a private party, they’re able to maximize their space AND profits.

All Proper Party Places need Portable Partition Panels!

Portable Room Dividers - Movable Wall Partitions (9)--Portable Room Dividers - Movable Wall Partitions (10)
Portable Room Dividers - Movable Wall Partitions (11)Portable Room Dividers - Movable Wall Partitions (12)

Education: Classrooms, Cafeterias, and Gymnasiums

From the smallest pre-school to the largest university, nearly every educational institution owns a set of temporary wall dividers with wheels to help quickly adapt to the inevitability of change. Configured as straight walls, L-shaped walls, T-shaped walls, and even curved U-shaped walls, temporary wall systems can have multiple identities at any educational institution.

In daycares and preschools, teachers can arrange classroom partitions near entries & exits to enhance security, efficiently direct traffic during peak drop off and pickup times, and minimize distractions for the students involved in lessons. Classroom privacy partitions can also carve out a quiet corner area for the wee ones who need a midday napping spot.

In school facilities for grades 1-12, accordion partitions get a lot of mileage. They roll into the cafeteria to serve as the centerpiece at an open house event. They wheel into the library to be used as portable display walls for art night. They set up in the auditorium as a backdrop of portable acoustic panels for the school choir. In the school gym, partition walls can divide the wide-open space for science fairs, book fairs, SAT testing, registrations, training, and more.

Colleges and universities have large student centers that accommodate non-classroom activities. Students gather in the morning, day, and night to study, eat, celebrate, host meetings, be entertained, attend career fairs, and more. Nothing can adapt so swiftly to these changing demands as retractable walls.

Portable Room Dividers - Movable Wall Partitions (13)--Portable Room Dividers - Movable Wall Partitions (14)
Portable Room Dividers - Movable Wall Partitions (15)Portable Room Dividers - Movable Wall Partitions (16)

Community: Churches, Libraries, and Civic Centers

You can find these screens in church to accommodate the varying attendance from Wednesday bible study to Sunday Mass. Folding wall partitions can help contract or expand the size of the room to satisfy the needs of both, and everything in between. Many churches also host gatherings where the attendees require sensitivity and privacy like food banks, meals for the homeless, or AA meetings. Enclosing the area with a movable privacy wall helps ensure these needs are respected.

Libraries were once a storehouse of physical books only. Now they’re tech-savvy institutions of cooperative learning and gathering. Aided by library partition walls, the once quiet and solemn halls now play host to art shows, workshops, tutoring sessions, story times for children, speakers and panel group discussions, meditation sessions, and even blood drives.

Portable walls help civic centers define their open spaces for large-scale meetings, conferences, seminars, concerts, parties, press briefings, fairs & expos, graduation ceremonies, and so much more. They can be used near registration and ticketing tables to assist with acoustics and privacy when exchanging money or contact information. When arranged as crowd control barriers they are pivotal at keeping the crowd lines flowing in the right direction.

Every facility must maximize their space for effective and efficient use, as affordably as possible. Screen panel dividers are there to help whenever needed. They can even help welcome guests with branding and signage.

Portable Room Dividers - Movable Wall Partitions (17)--Portable Room Dividers - Movable Wall Partitions (18)
Portable Room Dividers - Movable Wall Partitions (19)Portable Room Dividers - Movable Wall Partitions (20)

Government: Press Conferences, Polling Places, and Military Events

In numerous government agencies throughout America from your local town clerk’s office all the way to the White House in D.C., you can likely find a Screenflex freestanding portable room divider.

(Video) Movable Interior Office Walls | Full Height Portable Wall Partitions

Government press conferences can happen anywhere, anytime, often on a moment’s notice. Presto! In no time flat the staff can roll out and unfold a curved press conference wall behind the podium to serve as an acoustic and decorative backdrop flanked by flags.

On election day churches, schools, and community centers throughout the country open their doors to serve as polling places. To help ensure voter privacy and guide voters through the process, the election crew can strategically position temp wall panels throughout the polling area to restrict access, block views, and offer guidance to doorways and walkways. The crew can also use them to create a private break area for the election volunteers.

To keep curious eyes from peeping, our U.S. Department of Defense creates cordoned off areas to block visual and physical access to sensitive or classified work zones. NASA has been known to use movable wall panels to separate different exhibits in their public touring spaces, and clear partitions to provide safe viewing by spectators at their drone testing facility, among other experiments and presentations.

The four branches of the U.S. Military use public spaces to host temporary events like recruitment fairs, veteran assistance programs, training programs, or honorable funeral services. The last photo below captures one event where they used mobile wall partitions to display the logos of each of the armed services for a professional, personalized experience.

Portable Room Dividers - Movable Wall Partitions (21)--Portable Room Dividers - Movable Wall Partitions (22)
Portable Room Dividers - Movable Wall Partitions (23)Portable Room Dividers - Movable Wall Partitions (24)

Healthcare: Patient Rooms, Waiting Rooms, and Fitness Studios

Ensuring privacy while minimizing visual and noise distractions is a critical element in providing quality patient care. By reducing distractions with a medical privacy screen communication is enhanced and clerical errors reduced, paving the way to improved outcomes. Medical room dividers help staff comply with HIPPA privacy requirements and are ideal for home and health care settings, treatment centers, medical screenings, blood drives, patient overflow rooms, hospitals, doctor’s offices, and pharmacies.

The folded accordion shape of a portable screen divider makes it easy to wrap around hospital beds or medical equipment. The self-leveling casters glide smoothly over technology cords, door trusses, and rough or grooved surfaces, and the tackable panels can be used to display notices or other patient information. Portable medical privacy screens can be covered in vinyl for easy-clean surfaces, or fabric covered with an EPA approved antimicrobial coating applied in the factory to help keep germs in-check, and the potential for improved indoor air quality.

Medical centers benefit greatly from medical privacy screens on wheels in their emergency management spaces. You can’t schedule emergencies, and you can’t anticipate the number of people who’ll need sudden care. Portable privacy walls can help a medical team stay one step ahead of surprises and offer movable versatility that curtains on ceiling tracks can’t.

Fitness centers can use gym partition walls to create separation between their cardio and free weight areas. They use them to provide sound dampening and visual barriers for Pilates or yoga classes. They also use them to create privacy for ancillary services such as physical therapy, massage, or acupuncture.

Portable Room Dividers - Movable Wall Partitions (25)--Portable Room Dividers - Movable Wall Partitions (26)
Portable Room Dividers - Movable Wall Partitions (27)Portable Room Dividers - Movable Wall Partitions (28)

Manufacturing: Warehouses, Factories, and Testing Labs

Screenflex dividers can assist production, warehouse, and facility managers in the rapid reallocation or repurposing of industrial spaces. Movable walls provide optimal flexibility where space demands are fluid and dynamic. They can be used short-term or long-term and serve a multitude of functions… obviously the same cannot be said for permanent architectural walls.

Safety is key in the manufacturing industry, and folding divider walls can help. Roll them into place as a mobile safety barrier for maintenance workers as they repair machinery, or fabricators in the middle of production. The protective benefits are twofold. They prevent the operator from getting distracted by rubbernecking production line workers who are passing by, and they protect the passersby from any dangerous debris that could otherwise leave the space.

Customizing your safety screens with Class A rated Sandel fire barrier fabric makes them an ideal spark-resistant, fire-resistant grinding or welding screen. Full-length hinges secure the panels together fully from top to bottom. This eliminates gaps and reduces the potential for flash burns and dangerous UV glare from escaping through the cracks to the other side of the portable welding curtain.

When you want a physical barrier for safety purposes but still need to see what’s on the other side, folding wall partitions can be upgraded to clear plexiglass room dividers. Breweries use see through partitions to separate customers from fermenting machines, complying with FDA regulations for brewery tours. Science labs use transparent room dividers so researchers can safely observe the results of potentially hazardous experiments. They can even take notes on the clear screens, which double as dry erase panels.

Standard panel dividers have self-leveling heavy-duty casters that roll smoothly over uneven factory floors. They’re also designed with materials that absorb some degree of ambient noise, which can be a small sigh of relief from typical industrial banging, clanging, drilling, and booming. Industrial room dividers are available as an upgrade and engineered with reinforced hardware, frame, and leg assemblies.

(Video) Portable Room Dividers

Aside from all the safety purposes, many facilities also use mobile panels to define a dedicated space away from equipment and active labor in-progress. Here the workers can sit and perform administrative work or have meetings, while others might create space for a break room or recreational area for the crew. The tackable walls can double as mobile bulletin boards on wheels, ideal for displaying company production goals, OSHA safety posters, labor law posters, employee of the month announcements, and other relevant information you’d normally find on warehouse signage boards.

Portable Room Dividers - Movable Wall Partitions (29)--Portable Room Dividers - Movable Wall Partitions (30)
Portable Room Dividers - Movable Wall Partitions (31)Portable Room Dividers - Movable Wall Partitions (32)


Screenflex room dividers are admired for their ease of use. Simply roll into place, unlock the latch, unfold the accordion wall into the desired position, lock the wheels into place, and you’re ready to enjoy your newly divided space. When you no longer need it just unlock it, fold it, latch it, and roll it into a 2’x3’ storage space. That’s right – even the longest, tallest wheeled room dividers fold up tight for storage, taking up about the same amount of space as an office chair. That means 240 linear feet of walls can be stored in only 50 sq ft!

Visual & Acoustic Features

Eliminating or minimizing visual and auditory distractions is a critical element in providing patients, guests, employees, or other attendees with the care and courtesy they deserve. We’ll talk about these benefits first, and then move on to general features of our folding wall dividers.

Because of the accordion-style engineering, you can arrange your retractable screen walls in a variety of straight or curved shapes. You can create straight walls, L-shaped walls, T-shaped walls, U-Shaped walls, and many other walls shaped like letters of the alphabet:

Portable Room Dividers - Movable Wall Partitions (33)

Our mobile walls partitions are available 36 sizes: 6 heights by 6 lengths.

STANDARD HEIGHTS: 4’0” | 5’0” | 6’0” | 6’8” | 7’4” | 8’0”

STANDARD LENGTHS: 5’9” | 9’5” | 13’1” | 16’9” | 20’5” | 24’1”

If you need your accordion divider walls to be even longer, you can connect multiple screens together with a Multi-Unit Connector. They also come in 38 different colors (fabric or vinyl), which computes as a total of 1,368 different possible options! And that’s not even counting various feature upgrade options.

Portable Room Dividers - Movable Wall Partitions (34)

The Smallest Collapsible Wall Partition

Portable Room Dividers - Movable Wall Partitions (35)

The Largest Collapsible Wall Partition

Acoustically, mobile room dividers can’t make an environment completely silent by themselves, as there are too many other conditions that factor into room acoustics. But Screenflex’s portable acoustic room dividers can block up to 65% of ambient pass through sounds - from one side to the other. When greater “whole room” sound dampening is required, consider adding sound absorption products like our acoustic tiles.

Portable Room Dividers - Movable Wall Partitions (36)

(Video) Portable Folding Room Partitions: Partition Walls to Separate Spaces

Structural Features

Sturdy, Durable, Built to Last

(1) A black powder coated steel frame surrounds the entire panel to create durable accordion style mobile acoustic panels.

(2) A 1/2-inch-thick honeycomb sandwiched core creates multiple closed air-filled pockets. These pockets of air provide excellent sound insulation by trapping and absorbing sound waves as they travel through the air. This approach to panel construction also provides strength in tension without adding extra weight.

(3) On each side of the honeycomb core is two layers of an environmentally friendly sound absorbing fiberglass mat.

(4) Each side of the privacy wall panels are covered in either a vinyl or fabric material.

The panels of our mobile display walls are non-abrasive and provide bulletin board functionality while maintaining a modern appearance. You can pin, staple, or tack items directly onto the tackable wall surface, comprised of 100% recycled, stitch-bonded polyester fabric. Use your portable walls for art display, work safety posters, corporate branding, directions, important notices, and more.
Self-Leveling Casters
No floor is 100% level. Our mobile wall dividers are equipped with proprietary 3-inch non-marking, self-leveling casters. Ball-bearing technology allows each rubber wheel to swivel 360 degrees. Like shock absorbers on a car, these walls on wheels will manually adjust to roll over cords, debris, and uneven flooring found in most facilities. This technology gives you safe and stable movable wall partitions that remain in contact with your floor during transit, use, and storage.
Locking Corner Casters
Once you’ve placed your movable wall into position, simple use your foot to push down on the pedal brake featured on each corner caster. This will lock both the caster wheel and swivel head into an immobile position. Locking casters are an essential safety feature.
Full-Length Hinges
The hinge is one of many unique features of our foldable wall partition that sets it apart from the competition. Each panel is secured from head to toe with a strong, full-length aluminum continuous hinge, screwed into place every 4 inches. This type of “piano hinge” evenly distributes any weight to minimize stress on the panels and maintain alignment. They also ensure complete privacy with no visual gaps.
Position Control Hinges (PCH)
These are spring-loaded devices located at the apex of each hinge and provide consistent resistance throughout the entire range of motion of the retractable partition walls. This resistance allows you to easily position the panels fully opened, fully closed, or anywhere in between. The soft “click” of the PCH means each panel is secured into any desired angle until you need to transfer the movable walls on wheels elsewhere.
Stable Support Base
The most stable shape is a triangle, narrow at the top and wide at the bottom. Our steel end frames keep the most weight at the bottom and prevent our retractable wall from being top-heavy. This design makes us stand apart from the competition, as the ONLY manufacturer to hold a patent on “Stabilized Portable Room Divider” (Patent #689274)
Secure Storage Latch
Enable “storage mode” by simply closing the divider panels together until you hear the latches automatically engage and lock into place. You can keep the latches engaged while transporting the dividers. Once in position, just reach down with your hand and gently release the locks on both sides.
Made in the U.S.A.
Every Screenflex divider is manufactured in Lake Zurich, IL. Your purchase creates American jobs, supports the US economy, and ensures that your products are made ethically and with quality Screenflex parts. Every folding wall panel is made by hand: cutting fabric, assembling the panels, affixing end frames and wheels, carefully inspecting the product, and meticulously packing it for safe shipping.

Optional Upgrades

Standard retractable wall dividers include all the features listed above. Depending on your needs, you can also opt for light duty or heavy duty versions, clear dividers, dry erase dividers, display towers, GSA Dividers, Healthflex or FlexFit dividers for health or fitness environments, fire resistant dividers, and even multi-purpose ballistic panels that are bullet resistant. Doors, windows, and custom mural/logo printing are also available! Just ask.


The International Facility Management Association (IFMA) has identified 11 core elements to facility safety. These are communication; emergency preparedness and business continuity; environmental stewardship and sustainability; finance and business; human factors; leadership and strategy; operations and maintenance; project management; quality; real estate and property management; and technology.

A set of movable walls in your facility can help you accomplish several of these core elements.

Tackable accordion partition walls can be arranged to communicate information to staff and guests. During emergencies they can quickly move out of the way or guide a path for swift evacuations; or, they can quickly create improvised private areas for treating injured people. They are made in America from 76% recycled materials and are both environmentally and financially friendly based on their vast reusability.

Use them to create impromptu private meeting rooms or dedicated work zones; by minimizing visual and auditory distractions you get happier, more focused, and more productive humans. Use them as a crowd management tool by strategically setting them up in a way that leads a line of people to a certain destination, or as barriers to prevent people from wandering into parts unknown or unwanted.

Portable partition walls ask little of your operations personnel. They require no physical or architectural changes to the property, no permits, no long-term planning, and no “pardon our dust” apologies.

They ask little of your maintenance workers. They’re sturdy enough to glide across any type of floor, simple enough to shape and lock in place, and low enough that they won’t conflict with typical overhead lighting, sprinkler systems, or HVAC.

They ask little of your real estate space and property management. They’re simply there when you need them, gone when you don’t, and fold up into the same amount of space as an average office chair for storage.

To see more examples of these portable walls on wheels check out our Pinterest Album.

(Video) Room Dividers IKEA | Best IKEA Hacks Divider Ideas


What are those foldable room dividers called? ›

Folding or Accordion Divider

Also called accordion dividers, this type of freestanding divider does not attach to your residence in any way, but sits directly on your floor. A folding divider may have a long and wide footprint.

How do I temporarily partition a room? ›

Your options include folding dividers, curtains, large bookcases as room dividers, and more. You can use them to change up the layout of a room, provide extra privacy, maximize storage space, or just create a change of scenery.

How do you make a removable room divider? ›

How To Make Your Own Room Divider - YouTube

What are those folding walls called? ›

Most commonly used in the residence is a small room divider, sometimes called a folding shoji screen. Shoji screens are usually tri-fold walls. A shoji screen may also be used to section off part of a bedroom or family room as an office.

How can I partition a room without building walls? ›

9 Creative Ways to Split Rooms Without Walls
  1. Wooden screen. ...
  2. Stylish curtains. ...
  3. Bookshelf or cabinet. ...
  4. Floor to roof panels. ...
  5. Beaded curtains. ...
  6. Fixed or sliding glass partitions. ...
  7. Set up a counter. ...
  8. Play with furniture.
Sep 10, 2021

How do you separate walls in a room? ›

How to Build a Partition Wall // Mother & Daughter Build a Wall - YouTube

How can I partition a room cheaply? ›

Curtains as a Divider

One of the most inexpensive ways to divide a room is to use curtains. You can use curtains you already have or make ones from canvas, sheets, and curtain liners. With so many inexpensive rods in different shapes and sizes, you can put up an artistic and practical divider in little or no time.

What can I use to divide a room? ›

These room dividers are ideal for situations where you want to simply and quickly transition between sectioning off and opening up your space.
  1. Folding Screen. Rikki Snyder. ...
  2. DIY Folding Screen. Courtesy Helen Hou-Sandí ...
  3. Curtain. ...
  4. Barn Door. ...
  5. Simple Sliding Door. ...
  6. Wood Divider Screen. ...
  7. Bookcase. ...
  8. Bookcase with locking wheels.

How do you build a portable wall? ›

How to build a portable WALL (COOL IDEA) | DIY Creators - YouTube

How do you make a portable room? ›

Build a DIY Portable/Mobile Wall - Perfect Zoom Background! - YouTube

What is a temporary wall? ›

A temporary wall is exactly what it sounds like. It's a wall that's installed to divide a room and create private space. But unlike permanent solutions, temporary walls for apartments don't require any nails or holes drilled into the floor or the ceiling. It's all done by pressure.

What are Japanese room dividers called? ›

Japanese room dividers are called Shoji Blinds. Shoji Blinds are a fundamental part of traditional Japanese interiors. They are essentially a type of partition wall that divides different areas within Japanese homes.

What are the different types of dividers? ›

There are 4 types of dividers:
  • Full Bleed divider.
  • Inset divider.
  • Middle divider.
  • Vertical divider.

What is a folding partition? ›

Folding partitions are movable walls that are used to divide large rooms into one or more smaller rooms. Generally, folding partitions are made of several interlocking panels anchored to tracking systems in the floor and ceiling.

What are the different types of dividers? ›

There are 4 types of dividers:
  • Full Bleed divider.
  • Inset divider.
  • Middle divider.
  • Vertical divider.

What is a folding partition? ›

Folding partitions are movable walls that are used to divide large rooms into one or more smaller rooms. Generally, folding partitions are made of several interlocking panels anchored to tracking systems in the floor and ceiling.

How many types of dividers are there? ›

There are total 10 dividers I will be providing here. The very first is a single line divider which we most commonly use. The second divider is the double line. The third is the dotted line.

What is an operable partition? ›

Manual Operable Partition: A series of panels that are relocated by a person applying force to move them along an overhead track system.


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