Projects Archive - Global Industrial (2023)

Pallet Racking for Coffee Bean supplier, Middle Swan, WA

This pallet racking was installed for a new company which had a tight budget, so second hand Dexion pallet racking was used. This was the second stage of racking installed, to warehouse their pallets of coffee beans.

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Pallet Racking for a mining supply company, Belmont, WA

This supply company had expanded rapidly over the last year and needed to moved to a new location. Extra storage racking was installed to accommodate for their increase of stock holding and demand from their customers.

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Mezzanine floor for local mechanical workshop, WA.

This customer was struggling for space as they have quite a few unique cars that were consuming a lot of space. A custom raised storage area was designed with a large span so that 4 cars could be parked comfortably under the floor itself, then allowing for longspan shelving to be installed on the top of the floor which created neat accessible storage area for all their parts.

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Mezzanine floor for Auctioneer, Welshpool, WA.

This mezzanine floor was designed to extend an existing mezzanine structure, and was engineered to sit onto an asphalt surface saving the customer thousands of dollars because footings were not needed. This was done by designing base plates to be-able to spread the load of the columns so it would not sink into the existing ground surface. The floor was fabricated in our workshop and all in all the customer was very happy with the outcome and the improvement of their storage space.

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Pallet Racking for Major Quarry and Concrete supplier east of Perth

The company required fully engineered pallet racking including wind ratings. The racking was installed onto strip footings in there open storage yard, for storing their quarry tools and equipment spare parts.

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Hobby Mechanical Workshop and Man Cave, Bibra Lake, WA

This floor was installed and passed through council for the purpose of a hobby mechanic workshop and man cave. The customer needed the extra room to work on his cars and store extra cars and car parts, as well as having a place to relax and use as his man cave. The custom clearance height of the Mezzanine floor allowed him to hoist a car fully up work on the vehicle or store another vehicle under the hoisted one, giving him more room to for his prized possessions.

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Major mining equipment supplier, Guildford, WA

This company, had 5 different racking types which was condemned as it was no-complaint to the AS4084-2012 pallet racking code. So the entire site was re-fitted and new Global Rack which was installed throughout various warehouses and was designed to hold their heavy product of all shapes and sizes.

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Mezzanine floor for Concrete equipment supplier, Gnangara, WA

A custom made Mezzanine floor and Selective pallet racking supplied to this small to medium sized business transformed there warehouse to a neat and organized operation.

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Mezzanine floor for local gym, Belmont, WA

Two mezzanine floors were installed at a local gym. The floors were engineered for the recreational facility, and enabled extra training areas on the premises. one of the floors utilized the upstairs for a boxing ring and under the floor was used as general gym training, the other floor was used for offices.

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Archive Racking, Sydney, NSW

Maximizing storage space and work flow efficiency were the key points made for this client. Archive racking was installed around a wire guidance system for the forklift, this enabled a safe and high work flow. All levels were fitted with 70% open area mesh and complying with ANSI 26.2

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Automotive parts supplier, Brisbane, QLD

With integration of Longspan, Pallet Racking and Cantilever Racking, the design layout consisted of fast pick, zone picking areas, overflow storage, bulk storage and storage of oversized good. The client was able to improve efficiency from their previous operation by over 40% due to refining the workflow in a new warehouse design.

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Pharmaceutical and Healthcare supplier, Wangara, WA

This new warehouse design required a combination of Selective Racking, Double Deep Racking, CLS Trays and RUT shelving. Due to the nature of the company, they required strict guidelines and the installation was performed a very timely manner.

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Office Supply Wholesalers, Bassendean, WA

One of Australia’s largest office supply wholesalers required the supply and install of Global Pallet Racking for it’s new facility. The company set conditions for the tender that required a quality rack that complied to 2012 Standards and could be delivered on time as well as on budget. Global won this tender due to exceptional customer service and the ability to be meet these conditions.

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International Electrical Component Supplier, Perth and Melbourne

Global provided a full warehouse solution for this Electrical Component and Cable Accessory supplier in its Perth and Melbourne sites. The company was supplied with Global Selective Racking, Heavy duty cable rack to hold up to 2000kg per spindle and Picking levels. Global also were able to incorporate some of the customer’s existing rack from their old site, enabling the customer to save tens of thousands of dollars.

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Archive Document Storage, Belmont, WA

Global helped combined 4 warehouses into one massive 10,000sqm new building. Global worked with the construction company to make sure that the building was optimised to the custom archive racking. The building was designed so that the building columns landed within the racking bays to ensure maximum available storage space.The Racking levels needed custom made mesh sheets for the Archive boxes to sit upon, and these were specially made and imported for the customer.

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Heavy Plant and Machinery Supplier for the Mining Industry, Guildford, WA. Parramatta and Newcastle, NSW

Global supplied a series of customised rubber top workbenches as well as Spindle Rack, Pallet Racking and Mesh decking at their Guildford, WA site. Further works were conducted to supply Hot Dipped Galvanized Global rack that was installed outside at two of the company’s sites, Parramatta and Newcastle, in NSW.

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Roofing and Purlin Manufacture for the Building Industry, Welshpool, WA

Global has transformed this company’s warehouses by supplying and installing various types of Global cantilever racking. This includes HDG outdoor cantilever, heavy duty cantilever, light duty cantilever and vertical cantilever racking.

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Liquor and Beverage Warehousing, Canning Vale, WA

Supply and install of over 400m of Ball and Stanchion hand rail, to separate the perimeter of their warehouse from personnel walkways, this was also fitted with a protective rail to prevent pallets form coming too close and hitting the hand rail.

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Air Conditioning Components Manufacturer, Bentley, WA

This customers needed to increase their floor space. Global’s solution was to supply and install a 370sqm mezzanine floor. The floor needed to accommodate racking under the floor and have clear forklift access, so we installed a customised 3.6mH (clearance height) structural free standing mezzanine floor.

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Multi-disciplinary Engineering Firm, Naval Base, WA

Global has developed a lasting relationship with this firm over the years. This relationship involves the continuous supply of various products, such as Denyo and Airman air compressors, longspan shelving, and pallet racking.

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Bathroom, Laundry and Kitchen Wholesaler and Retailer, WA and Melbourne

This company approached Global to create a central distribution centre for the company's multiple locations. The space allocated had limited floor area available. In order to create a central distribution point, a 9500mmH Global Rack was installed in various configurations to make use of the vertical space available.The majority of the installation was configured as a selective rack with some sections having multiple picking levels and customised work stations.

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Product supplier for Recreational Vehicles, Marine and Automotive Industries, Wangara, WA

Global supplied this international company with a 3 storey Mezzanine. Accessibility to each level was offered via ‘Up and Over’ Safety gates so that goods could be lifted to any level with a forklift.Other requirements included customised 4mL stillages for their specialised products, as well as pallet racking and cantilever racking.

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Catering and Hospitality Supplies, Bibra Lake, WA

This business specialises in Catering and Hospitality equipment in Bibra Lake. Offering a wide range of products to restaurants and caterers. They approached Global to supply them with a racking system to benefit their needs. The guidelines included pallet storage above and levels below.To achieve this all available vertical space was used throughout the application in conjunction with extra tall frames ensuring that the maximum number of pallets were stored. Global Rack is AS 4084-1012 tested with Global offering services and support in order to guarantee success for this business.

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