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Rubber flooring is the best protective and resilient flooring option over hardwood, tile, laminate or carpet which are common types of flooring most areas already come with. Each flooring option listed, other than rubber flooring, is susceptible to damage from either physical objects or by environmental factors such as moisture and direct sunlight. Rubber flooring is a fantastic resilient flooring option that provides protection against numerous potential hazards, both environmental and physical. Here at Rubber-Cal, we make rubber surfaces a specialty of ours and we aim to provide you with the highest quality rubber flooring currently on the market.

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What is Rubber Flooring?

Rubber flooring is a resilient flooring option made from recycled, synthetic or natural rubber raw materials, commonly used for both industrial and residential applications. Our rubber flooring options cover a wide array of uses and applications such as basements, gyms, playgrounds, trailers, garages and dog kennels. All of these areas are capable of seeing high amounts of foot traffic and abuse and will benefit from the addition of resilient flooring made of rubber. In addition, some flooring options qualify as eco-friendly products thanks to the natural and recycled rubber materials that they are made from. Eco-friendly rubber flooring tiles and mats offer consumers two key advantages. Firstly, they help reduce non-biodegradable waste in the ecosystem by using old vehicle tires and other unused rubber items. Secondly, as a more direct benefit, they tend to be more affordable than their non-natural synthetic rubber counterparts. Rubber flooring provides any surface with a durable and protective covering at an affordable price.

Can Rubber Flooring Be Used Outdoors?

Rubber is a resilient flooring option that can be used comfortably in the outdoors. The secret behind this is the type of rubber used in a particular product. Recycled rubber can usually function well in outdoor conditions as this resilient flooring material can resist rain, snow, ozone and UV rays with relative ease. Some of our products are made using synthetic rubbers for added physical and chemical-resisting properties. For example, EPDM is a synthetic elastomer that is regularly used in outdoor applications due to its enhanced strength and resistance to outside conditions. Consider these two particular rubber flooring materials in case you need a particularly resilient flooring for use outdoors. These outdoor-friendly rubber surfaces are perfect for outdoor applications such as walkways, decking and playgrounds.

1. What is Rubber Flooring Used For?

Rubber flooring is primarily used for four main applications: as a protective layer for floor protection, an anti-fatigue surface for comfort, a grip surface to add traction, and as a moisture barrier. Rubber’s natural elasticity allows it to absorb the force of impact to prevent any damage from reaching the subflooring underneath. In addition, the elasticity also increases the level of comfort of anyone standing or walking on its surface by providing a buoyant surface to relieve pressure on feet and leg joints. Rubber surfaces are moisture resistant which prevents harmful mold and mildew from forming and creates a non-slip surface that is safe to traverse even when the surface is wet.

1(a). Protective Floor Surface

Rubber is an excellent material to have in place as resilient flooring because of its unique physical properties that offer superior protective abilities. For starters, rubber’s natural elasticity can help prevent physical damage to your existing floors as wood, tile, and laminate flooring are very vulnerable to damage. Its elasticity allows rubber to absorb the force of impact, preventing it from reaching the subflooring underneath. Damaging forces may come in the form of heavy furniture, exercise equipment, or even a constant stream of heavy foot traffic; however, with rubber flooring in place, the existing subfloors will be protected against chips and cracks that may be very expensive to repair. Our gym, garage and playground flooring products in particular are great examples of how rubber flooring can resist physical damage and withstand heavy weights.

1(b). Comfort Layer

Beyond its durability and protective capabilities, rubber flooring can offer up a superior level of comfort when compared to other materials. A rubber floor covering will give you a better underfoot feel due to the inherent buoyancy and elasticity of the material. This is the property that gives rubber flooring its excellent shock absorbency and shielding qualities but, it also makes your floors softer and more pliable for your feet – a vital consideration in a wide range of settings, especially within a home. Extensive pressure and weight on your feet and leg joints without any padding can eventually lead to long-term medical issues including arthritis. Rubber surfaces will provide a soft, elastic barrier between your feet and the hard subflooring underneath that will increase the comfort of those standing on it and reduce the chances of long-term health problems.

1(c). Increased Slip-Resistance

Rubber flooring can also help keep you safe on your feet and does so by enhancing the level of grip for your feet. Rubber naturally comes with a high coefficient of friction, which essentially means more traction and stability for people as they walk across rubber surfaces. Additionally, some rubber flooring options often come with textured surfaces to provide an even more resilient and trustworthy flooring. The textured rubber surfaces act as extra gripping points for your feet to grab onto to provide more stability as you walk. Therefore, the chances of painful and embarrassing slip and fall accidents occurring are significantly reduced when a rubber floor covering is in place.

(Video) Installing Rubber Gym Flooring Tiles

1(d). Moisture Barrier

Rubber surfaces also help protect against moisture. Although it is often overlooked as a source of potential hazard, water can cause serious and costly damage. Normally, water just makes surfaces such as wood and tile very slippery; however, if excessive amounts of water are left unchecked, it can cause mold and mildew to eventually form that may cause serious health problems for sensitive individuals. Rubber surfaces prohibit the formation of microbial byproducts like mold, as well as providing excellent traction, even in wet condition. The qualities allow a rubber floor covering to help make an area safer and healthier.

2. Forms of Rubber Flooring Available

We offer protective rubber surfaces in the forms of a rubber flooring roll, rubber flooring tiles, and made to size rubber mats. No two applications are exactly alike so having options will allow you to choose a matting form that is best suited for your situation. Smaller areas may be served well with interlocking tiles, while other larger areas would better benefit from a runner mat. It all comes down to the size of the area and the amount of wear and tear your rubber flooring will experience. Nevertheless, regardless of the form of rubber flooring you choose, they are designed to be easy to install.

2(a). Flooring Roll

A rubber flooring roll is a larger form of rubber flooring that is usually used to cover large wall-to-wall spaces and is able to be customized to a specific length up to 50 consecutive feet. Because of its larger nature, a flooring roll is not meant to be moved around; instead, it is meant for a more permanent installation and is often seen in industrial areas and commercial gyms. Since they are generally used for more heavy-duty applications, it is important to choose an installation method that will hold it firmly onto the subflooring underneath. The installation process of these rubber flooring rolls is simple and easy and it is recommended to use glue for a permanent and sturdy installation.

2(b). Rubber Flooring Tiles

Interlocking rubber flooring tiles are the most customizable and convenient form of rubber flooring available. Its interlocking mechanism allows for a simple and easy installation process that is also easily customizable. To install, simply connect the rubber flooring tiles together by their puzzle-like edges. For a larger mat, continue adding tiles until you have reached your desired size and, if you would like a smaller mat, simply remove some tiles. Other variations of interlocking tiles come with plastic connector pins that are used to connect the tiles together through small holes on the sides of each tile. No adhesives are required to install these tiles making them the most mobile form of rubber flooring allowing them to move with you which, in turn, gives them longer life.

2(c). Molded to Size Mats

Standard rubber mats are not as customizable as a flooring roll or interlocking rubber flooring tiles but, they can be very beneficial and convenient for those who only need rubber flooring for smaller areas for a single person’s use. Standard rubber mats are available in pre-cut sizes ranging from a width of either 4 or 6 feet and a length ranging from 3 to 50 feet. This flooring option is ideal for single person work stations such as cashier stands or chefs stations; however, the longer pre-cut mats may be used as matting under a row of machines or as anti-fatigue matting for assembly lines. You may use either double-sided tape or glue to install these mats depending on the environment. For a lighter application, double-sided tape is recommended for easy removal or replacement while an area experiencing heavy wear and tear will better benefit from the use of glue.

How Do You Clean a Rubber Floor?

Since rubber is resistant to the effects of moisture, rubber floors are extremely easy to clean and maintain simply with water and soap. For stuck on messes, you may take a damp rag and wipe of any unwanted dirt or debris from its surface. If your rubber floor is located outdoors, you may take a hose and spray it down. For synthetic rubber flooring options, you may also use some mild household chemicals to further help clean your floors. For dry messes, simply take a dry rag or dry polyester mop to sweep off any unwanted messes from the surface of your floor.No matter your occupation, type of business, or the space you are trying to cover, there is sure to be at least one area of your life that rubber flooring can make a significant contribution to. Due to all the protective and safety benefits rubber flooring offers, you should not delay in getting the right rubber floor covering for your application. Regardless of whether you need rubber flooring tiles, a flooring roll or standard pre-cut mats, the excellent protection capabilities that rubber can provide you with are hard to beat! Rubber provides your application with the ultimate combination of durability, elasticity and safety. Rubber flooring is an important part of what Rubber-Cal does, so allow us to help you find the perfect rubber surfaces for you today!

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TRecycled flooring is the go-to choice for nearly every application. Reclaimed and recycled flooring options offer intense durability, comfort, and even outdoor weather resistance .

Recycled flooring is extremely versatile and has a positive impact on the environment, so naturally it has earned its place as one of the best-selling alternative flooring options on the market today.. Tires contain high amounts of SBR and EPDM rubber, which make the material perfect for high-quality alternative flooring.. Ultra Durable, DIY Rubber Tiles, Ideal for Playgrounds and Gyms!. Goodyear ReUz Rubber Tiles -- 6mm x 20" x 20". Whether your alternative flooring has a thin 1/8-inch gauge or a heavy-duty 1/4-inch, you can expect recycled rubber floors to provide a good level of protection.. As the movement of impacts, abrasions, and vibrations moves through the dense material, they are significantly reduced before reaching the other side.. Installations never have to be permanent; a durable eco-friendly floor or recycled flooring mat is the perfect solution to provide protection in a specific spot or for a brief amount of time.. Recycled rubber floors are a popular choice in every commercial location from gyms to restaurants, and that is with good reason.. Some recycled flooring options feature surface textures to prevent slips, but even smooth-surfaced alternative flooring will demonstrate an element of natural grip.. This high friction is perfect to prevent slips, even when the recycled flooring is slick with moisture.. Recycled rubber floors are also very easy to install!. You will find that there are many different kinds of recycled floors to choose from, but all will come as either interlocking tiles or rolled mats.. Each tile connects to another at the edge to create a flooring of any necessary size.. This type of installation even works for outdoor applications and temporary use.. Not only is recycled flooring eco-friendly and affordable, but it is also one of the most durable and weather-resistant flooring options on the market today.

Eco-friendly flooring has great durability at cost-effective rates. Protect your surfaces and the environment with long-lasting eco-friendly flooring!

History of Eco-Friendly Flooring How did eco-friendly flooring made from recycled rubber become so popular?. What is Eco-Friendly Flooring Made of?. Eco-friendly rubber flooring is made up of three main materials: natural rubber, recycled rubber, and reclaimed rubber.. When it comes to producing recycled rubber flooring, natural rubber is perfect because it is made through a truly sustainable process.. Recycled rubber flooring is a desirable flooring option because it offers superior levels of long-term durability thanks to the tire rubber material that sustainable flooring products are made from.. As a company, Rubber-Cal tries to do our part in reducing waste in the environment by using eco-conscious rubber whenever and wherever we can and by offering environmentally friendly flooring options for our customers to choose from.. Indoor/Outdoor Anti-Slip Runners and Mats. Drainage Matting That is Also An Interlocking Rubber Mat!. "Treadmill Mat" Recycled Rubber Mats. "Recycled Rubber Flooring" Rubber Rolls

Rubber cal flooring Rubber coin grip flooring Rubber cal block grip flooring and rolling mat Rubber coin metallic flooring Block grip rubber flooring Diamond plate metallic flooring Diamond Grip Safety Floor Protection rubber flooring Round stud rubber rolls Rolls Rubber CAR Flooring Cal-grip Industrial Rubber Flooring

3C Rubber coin grip flooring are constructed entirely of a proprietary blend of flexible rubber that guarantees the most durable rubber flooring roll for cow pad on the market.. The rubber flooring mats can block the sediment>>The rubber floor mats protect people from slipping at wet place like swimming pool, bathroom, etc.. How to install Diamond Grip Safety Floor Protection rubber flooring. Rubber Anti-fatigue Bubble Mat on Roll are the most versatile floor on the market and are commonly found as flooring in garages, as basement flooring, in home rec rooms, as trade show flooring, as kitchen flooring, as indoor patio flooring, as workshop flooring, in showrooms and much more. Heavy Duty Rubber Sheet Roll Maintain Rubber Mat Rolls For Parking in Roll are easy to clean and maintain.. The company's main business: oil-resistant rubber sheet, laboratory rubber sheet, pre-vulcanized butyl rubber sheet, wear-resistant rubber sheet, various pattern rubber sheets, etc.

Marine Flooring – Rubber-Cal Rubber Mats & FlooringMarine flooring can also act as a protective layer to help prevent damage to expensive floors, or any other

Send Inquiry Rubber-Cal has special deals going on every month for select rubber matting, flooring, and doormat products.. Send Inquiry Rubber is a great raw material for use in industrial floor mats whenever safety and floor protection are a concern.. At Rubber Flooring Inc, we offer a wide range of colors and thicknesses for our rubber flooring products.. Send Inquiry Here at Rubber-Cal, we make rubber surfaces a specialty of ours and we aim to provide your area with the highest quality rubber flooring currently onOur rubber flooring options cover a wide array of uses and applications.. Send Inquiry Rubber-Cal is America's Premier Source for Gym Flooring, Neoprene Rubber, Kitchen Mats, Anti-Slip Mats, EPDM Rubber, garage Floor CoveringAll of Rubber-Cal's success would not be possible without the dedicated expertise of its staff.. Whether you need sheet rubber, rubber flooring, or. Send Inquiry Rubber-Cal appreciates this healthy trend, which is why we offer a diverse line of gym rubber flooring products that provide the necessary floor protectionThe most important reason for using gym rubber flooring is for floor protection.. Send Inquiry Rubber Flooring, a Rubber-Cal Store, is America’s premier authority for all of your rubber surfacing needs.. We carry a vast assortmentExplore our extensive selection of rubber mats, bathroom flooring, safety mats, and rubber gym flooring!. Send Inquiry Rubber Flooring Inc offers gym flooring in rolls, tiles, & mats in a variety of thicknesses & colors.. Great for gym, weight room, playground flooring.At Rubber Flooring, Inc. our mission is to provide customers with the best quality rubber flooring products at discount prices through an easy to use. Send Inquiry Rubber-Cal's Coin-Grip rubber flooring is ideal for gym flooring, garage floors, and basement flooring.. Send Inquiry Rubber-Cal’s Tuff-N-Lastic Rubber Flooring Runners are durable moisture resistant rubber floor mats that are available in a variety of sizes to fit any space.. Send Inquiry Rubber-Cal is an industrial rubber distributor specializing in rubber flooring, sheet rubber, industrial rubber parts, pavement maintenance wear parts, flexible ducting, and natural coir doormats.. Send Inquiry Rubber-Cal Inc., is a leading purveyor of rubber products, including industrial sheet rubber, street sweeper parts, flexible ducting, and of course, rubber mats and flooring.

Rubber flooring tile has long been a popular option for home gyms and other activity areas, but what are the pros and cons of using it in other rooms?

Rubber flooring is a type of resilient flooring , and therein lies its most obvious advantages.. It's fair to say that rubber tile flooring represents a niche in the flooring market.. Synthetic rubber flooring is generally more stain-resistant than natural rubber.. Rubber tiles are among the easiest flooring materials to install.. Rubber flooring tiles may themselves be water-resistant, but the installed flooring is loaded with seams that can let water through to the subfloor below.. These companies now offer a variety of products, including both sheet rubber and rubber tiles suitable for residential use.. American Floor Mats : Best known for mat products, American Floor Mats, based in Rockville, Maryland, offers a good selection of utilitarian interlocking tiles suitable for use in exercise rooms, entryways, and other such spaces.. In addition, many of the giant flooring manufacturers offer a small selection of rubber flooring to go with their other product lines.. Rubber flooring adds a measurable R-value improvement to floors.. All the advantages offered by rubber flooring tiles are also available in rubber flooring that is rolled out as a sheet.. Most of the companies manufacturing rubber tiles also offer sheet products, often in the same colors and patterns as their tile products.. While rubber tiles are more attractive than they once were, this is not a flooring material well suited for highly visible public areas of your home, where appearance is important.


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