The 9 Best Email Marketing Examples of 2020 | SendGrid (2022)

The 9 Best Email Marketing Examples of 2020 | SendGrid (1)

When it comes to email marketing best practices, you could say the SendGrid marketing team is a rather opinionated bunch. And although we’re happy to talk about email marketing best practices, we wanted to let some of SendGrid’s favorite brands do (most) of the talking for this guide.

The hand-picked email marketing examples below illustrate some of the best things happening in email right now. The list covers all aspects of email best practices, including personalization, testing, subject lines, and more. Learn how you can take their ideas and execute them in your email marketing program.

1. The Hustle

Topic: Subject Lines, A/B Testing

The Hustle is a daily email newsletter that curates some of the day’s most important headlines in business, tech, and culture. They send a healthy dose of news that I don’t necessarily get reading the BBC that keeps me opening every day.

The Hustle constantly tests subject lines, which always tie back to their first story of the day, and are often creative and funny. Take the example I’m using from March 5th—their first story was about new technology trying to bring Internet access to remote areas using satellites.

A: Clear, Relatively Safe

The 9 Best Email Marketing Examples of 2020 | SendGrid (2) The 9 Best Email Marketing Examples of 2020 | SendGrid (3)

B: Creative, Funny

The 9 Best Email Marketing Examples of 2020 | SendGrid (4) The 9 Best Email Marketing Examples of 2020 | SendGrid (5)

Why it works:

  • Both versions describe (albeit in very different approaches) what’s inside the email in an intriguing way.
  • Both versions provide succinct subject lines of 5 words or less.
  • By testing a relatively safe version against a more “out there version,” they were likely to tell which one resonated the most with their unique readership.
  • The Hustle has a complete handle on their brand voice and this allows them to talk about cat videos and still be taken seriously (and get those opens!).
Their tone is casual, and their writing is witty without dumbing down the content.

The 9 Best Email Marketing Examples of 2020 | SendGrid (6) Ellie Johnson, Marketing Operations Associate

2. Airbnb

Topic: Personalization

Airbnb is an online marketplace for short-term lodging and vacation rentals. Airbnb acts as the broker throughout the transactions and provides this connection between for a fee. Self-described as " A Community Built on Trust," they have built up a strong reputation which supports that.

The following email I received from Airbnb stood out to me as a great email example for various reasons, but right off the bat, what stood out to me was the use of personalization.

The 9 Best Email Marketing Examples of 2020 | SendGrid (7) The 9 Best Email Marketing Examples of 2020 | SendGrid (8)

The 9 Best Email Marketing Examples of 2020 | SendGrid (9)

Clear promise to provide inspiration

Click the tour points for
additional information!

Simple use of data to provide personalized experience

Why it works:

  • The personalization starts with the subject line, and they used not one, but two pieces of personalization with basic substitution tags (my name and home city).
  • By knowing that the email contains personalized information, curiosity naturally increases and will increase the chance of an open.
  • This email campaign leverages and makes the most out of the data that the company sits on to provide useful insight for me—where other Denverites are booking vacations.
This email does a great job of using data in a simple and logical way to create a personalized experience.

The 9 Best Email Marketing Examples of 2020 | SendGrid (10)Austin Whiting, Email Marketing Associate

3. Medium

Topics: Personalization, Copy & Content

Medium(.com) is an online publishing platform featuring articles ranging from personal finance, to sports, to humor, and much, much more. It also serves as a blog hosting service, allowing users to create accounts featuring content of their own. Rather than focusing on unique visitors to their website, the company optimizes its business around time spent reading the site; a testament to the quality of the content provided.

(Video) 10 Email Marketing Campaign Examples // Email Campaign Ideas

Medium’s “Daily Digest” is a top email example because of the excellent personalization behind their email. (Disclaimer: I don’t work for Medium, so the following contains assumptions about the inner-workings of their personalization!)

Upon signing up for a free account, your first task is to select subject matter that most interests you. Those interests are then plugged into their magical personalization engine, which goes towards generating your “Daily Digest” email.

As your consumption of Medium content continues, the personalization in the digest sharpens, making it the epitome of my “wanted mail” every morning.

The 9 Best Email Marketing Examples of 2020 | SendGrid (11)

Featured article matches subject line of email

“Read time” sets expectations

Author recognition gives a personal feel

Categorization makes it easy to scan

Why it works:

  • Featured article: Each digest features one story at the top, which is also included in the subject line of the email.
  • Read time: Before choosing to click on an article, recipients are given a heads up with an “X min read” warning (The Full Send also does this!).
  • Categorization: If I’m not in the personal finance mood today, I can continue to scroll down to another category that better aligns with my current mood.
What better way to engage with recipients than by giving them all of the content they explicitly asked for?

The 9 Best Email Marketing Examples of 2020 | SendGrid (12)Matt Rushing, Manager of Conversion Marketing

4. Bookit

Topics: Personalization, Subject Lines, A/B Testing, Design

I’ve used the travel company to book multiple vacations to Cancun. Since those trips, I routinely find emails on current deals at resorts throughout Mexico and various Caribbean destinations in my inbox.

I often find myself perusing their deals and desperately fighting the urge to plan another impulse vacation. “What? An all-inclusive resort in Cancun for less than $100 per night? Tell me more.”

Take this recent email’s subject line that provides a time-based incentive, along with a low-friction commitment:

The 9 Best Email Marketing Examples of 2020 | SendGrid (13) The 9 Best Email Marketing Examples of 2020 | SendGrid (14)

Once I opened the email I see a beautiful beach photo, but what stands out to me is the branded search box at the top. Even though you are not able to enter your destination, check in and check out dates, the email is branded the same as on the website:

The 9 Best Email Marketing Examples of 2020 | SendGrid (15)

Branded search bar creates consistency with site

Beautiful, attention-grabbing image

(Video) 4 Proven Email Marketing Templates

It becomes apparent that Bookit is also testing various templates and elements in their email campaigns. In one variation, they are testing the impact that larger pictures have on CTRs (click-thru-rates). In the other, they are testing the concept of “social proof” through customer quotes:

A: Large Images

The 9 Best Email Marketing Examples of 2020 | SendGrid (16)

B: Social Proof

The 9 Best Email Marketing Examples of 2020 | SendGrid (17)

Why it works:

  • Segmentation: Bookit is using data to provide personalized recommendations and knows that there is likely still interest in these locations for future trips. Because I’ve booked Mexico trips in the past, I was likely added to this destination email segment and this email campaign serves as a retargeting campaign.
  • Subject lines: by presenting a time-based offer with some urgency, this email comes across more timely and one that needs to be opened soon.
  • The emails maintain consistent design across multiple experiences, and subtly implies what the desired CTA (call-to-action) will be on the website.
  • A|B testing in your emails, not unlike website pages, is an essential part of understanding what truly resonates with your customers and can drastically improve conversion rates.
Now if you’ll excuse me, there is a tropical resort I need to look into.

The 9 Best Email Marketing Examples of 2020 | SendGrid (18)Mike Pace, Director of Demand Generation

5. Yelp

Topic: Design, copy, personalization

There are two things that almost always catch my attention: creative, witty alliteration and savory, delectable desserts. Yelp, a leading customer review site, managed to incorporate both in one of the many themed newsletters they recently sent me.

Yelp’s weekly newsletter titled, “Bangin’ Beignets!” tempted, and ultimately, persuaded me to try the powdered sugar delights at a few of my local restaurants.

Why it works:

  • Personalized content that is based on location provides a tempting offer.
  • Well-balanced image to text ratio. The newsletter depicts a delicious assortment of beignets to catch the reader's attention followed by concise and creative copy that is straight to the point.
  • Creative, witty, and effective copy to introduce the featured restaurants.
Don’t get too carried away with images, because it may raise a red flag to spam filters if you haven’t provided enough text.

The 9 Best Email Marketing Examples of 2020 | SendGrid (20)Dustin Hovey, Sr. SEM Manager

6. Birchbox

Topics: Branding & Design, Copy & Content, Personalization

This example of stellar email design comes from one of my guilty pleasures, Birchbox, a service that sends personalized beauty product samples to your door every month. This email is telling me about options to customize my April box by choosing some specific samples—and giving me a little shopping break in the middle of my day!

The 9 Best Email Marketing Examples of 2020 | SendGrid (21)

Valuable account info

(Video) 5 Email Marketing Examples

Bold, limited text

Bright colors and relevant, beautiful imagery

Content broken up into clear sections

Why it works:

  • Bright colors and bold font: the yellow is very eye-catching, and the limited use of text makes the email very skimmable.
  • Hierarchy and readability: They broke up the content into 3 main sections that clearly show what the email is trying to accomplish (getting me to choose the way I want to customize the box). Despite needing to scroll a little, I can interpret the goal of the email instantly.
  • Valuable content: There is also a ton of valuable intel given right in the email, from photos of the actual samples to my loyalty program level, and my point balance.
  • Personalization: By using substitution tags in the header and subject line, as well as providing a customized call to action, they’ve personalized my experience and made it simple for me to take action.
Everything about this email is eye-catching and engaging. Plus, I got to shop!

The 9 Best Email Marketing Examples of 2020 | SendGrid (22)Jill Guest, Sr. Marketing Manager - Customer Growth

7. Mint

Topics: Copy & Content, Branding & Design

Mint is a leading personal finance app from Intuit. Offering easy budgeting, bill tracking and payments, free credit scores, and personalized advice for money management, Mint makes it simple to stay on top of your finances.

The 9 Best Email Marketing Examples of 2020 | SendGrid (23)

Headline that catches your eye

Clean, simple design

Useful educational content

Why it works:

  • A headline that catches your eye. Let’s face it: credit can be a scary topic. The headline of this email gives a reader pause (“Am I being fooled by credit myths? How much do I really know about my credit?”), encouraging them to continue to the content below.
  • A clean, simple design that doesn’t overwhelm you. Pops of colors and high-quality images are on-brand and reflect the simplicity of the Mint platform. And by using SendGrid Marketing Campaigns, the Mint team can quickly add and fine-tune pictures, buttons, and more to achieve their email vision.
  • A place to provide feedback on the content of the email (not pictured). Including a preference center where recipients can update their information or unsubscribe from emails is critical for ensuring you’re only sending wanted mail. Mint takes this a step farther with a link to a simple, anonymous form for readers to explain why or why not they found this email useful—what a great way to source feedback and learn from your recipient base!
I love this email because it unselfishly delivers value and reminds the reader of why they created a Mint account in the first place.

The 9 Best Email Marketing Examples of 2020 | SendGrid (24)Jessy Sweet, Associate Product Marketing Manager

8. Autopilot

Topics: Subject Lines, Copy & Content

Time is a precious commodity. But what’s an email marketer to do about recipients who say they want their communication (by expressly opting in) but then go dark?

Hit them with a re-engagement email! Autopilot produces killer content, and I initially signed up for their email anticipating that I would devour every asset they sent my way...but, apparently, it’s been a while since I opened or clicked. (My bad, Autopilot! Hope we’re still cool.)

The 9 Best Email Marketing Examples of 2020 | SendGrid (25)

Mysterious subject line

Personalization in “from” name, body of email, and signature

(Video) Top 10 Email Marketing Campaign Examples Email Campaign Ideas

Clear list of what content to expect

Why it works:

  • Mysterious subject line: Using a cliffhanger subject line that leaves the recipient wondering/wanting something more is a great way to encourage and increase opens. But it’s a tactic that needs to be used sparingly—I’d recommend saving it for an important 10% of your messages. You don’t want to earn a reputation for using clickbait!
  • Personal approach: This email technically is HTML (note the big blue button with the CTA), but it has an overall plain text look and feel. Because it addresses me by name, is a similar font to what I would see from a friend that’s writing me an email, and closes with the sender’s name and title (that also matched the from address), it makes the overall recipient experience feel more like a 1:1 conversation.
  • What’s in it for me? This re-engagement email outlines what people will continue to receive by re-opting in to receive their mail—new articles, industry leading reports, and Oscar-worthy webinars. Seems like a no-brainer, but it’s often overlooked content! Remind those subscribers what hooked them in the first place and get them excited to start engaging again.
They put thought into the recipients’ experience and crafted the message with the end goal in mind—to get their sleepy subscribers to wake up or get off their list.

The 9 Best Email Marketing Examples of 2020 | SendGrid (26)Kate Schmeisser, Creative Content Manager

9. Artifact Uprising

Topics: Branding & Design, Copy & Content

Artifact Uprising is a premium quality, custom photo print company that is very intentional about every aspect of their business, from the initial photo capture to the materials they use for printing. Their marketing emails don’t falter in intention either, as their style is a condensed replication of their site.

The 9 Best Email Marketing Examples of 2020 | SendGrid (27)

Design consistent with the brand and website

Clear CTA for those ready to convert

Second CTA directs the reader’s eye downward

Concise, digestible copy

Final CTA for those hooked by the first four tips

Why it works:

  • Consistent branding: Artifact Uprising’s design style is so tranquil that it screams their name. Ironic, huh? Successful branding doesn’t always require a big, bold logo. The fonts and imagery in the body of the email are pulled directly from the guide they’re promoting, which creates a seamless experience for the user as they click through. I find this important because there is absolutely no deception about what you’re getting once you arrive at the actual guide.
  • Descriptive copy that acts as a hook: I appreciate descriptive copy that accentuates design and style, without overshadowing it, and since Artifact Uprising is a photography-focused company, it makes total sense that they’d design this way. Each section of copy complements each photo with concise, digestible tips. The clever part here is that the promoted guide is titled “6 Tips to Photograph Spring,” yet the email only provides two tips, leaving the reader hungry for the final four.
  • Well-placed CTAs: Three very different, yet obvious clear calls-to-action are sprinkled throughout the email copy. The most obvious, “Get The Guide,” is at the top (likely for those who don’t need any additional coaxing to their site). The following, “Start Here,” is a great way to keep eyes navigating down the email. The final is at the end of the content, as a final closer. All three CTAs are positioned as actionable buttons, but they’re subtle; not pushy or repetitive.
Successful branding doesn’t always require a big, bold logo.

The 9 Best Email Marketing Examples of 2020 | SendGrid (28)Lauren Parsell, Associate Media Buyer

Email best practice takeaways

Many elements go into creating a knockout email marketing campaign. But don’t let that overwhelm you. Focus on providing simple and friction-free experiences for your recipients and tailor your ideas, experiments, and optimizations around this single notion.

If you’re starting out with email marketing, consider focusing on one element such as design, testing, or copy and add a focus area with each campaign.

And if you’re already creating emails, but are looking for ways to improve, start trying to get more in depth with additional testing strategies or enhanced branding and design.

When in doubt, take another look through the examples above for new ideas to try in your email campaigns.

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  2. Learn the types of emails. ...
  3. Use premade templates. ...
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There is a standard structure for emails. Email contents are primarily classified as two, the header and the body. We are going to see the contents come under the two subparts. The email header gives us common details about the message such as the unique identity of the message.

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A successful email starts with a subject line that grabs the attention of your recipients. Good subject lines are often personal or descriptive, and give people a reason to check out your content.

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In short, B2B email marketing is a type of marketing in which you send email campaigns to businesses instead of individual buyers. You engage sales prospects (B2B buyers) through their work email, educate them about your products, and convert them into marketing qualified leads (MQLs) for the sales team.

How do I create an advertising email? ›

10 Email Copywriting Tips for Writing Better Marketing Emails
  1. 1) Use actionable language.
  2. 2) Personalize when possible.
  3. 3) Prioritize clarity, and only then think about "catchiness."
  4. 4) Align your subject line copy and email copy.
  5. 6) Write in the second person.
  6. 7) Talk about benefits, not features.
  7. 8) Be brief.
15 Apr 2016

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  5. Create a reusable email template. ...
  6. Practice writing persuasive messages.
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  • Not Letting Readers Reply.
  • Coming Across As Shady.
  • Going Crazy With Graphics and Stock Photos.
  • Falling Out of Touch.
  • Neglecting Mobile Users.
  • Forgetting a Call to Action.
  • Creating Email Campaigns That Sell.

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6 strong ways to start an email
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  2. 2 Hi or Hello.
  3. 3 Hi everyone, Hi team, or Hi [department name] team.
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  5. 5 I'm reaching out about . . .
  6. 6 Thanks for . . .
  7. 1 To whom it may concern.
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How to Send an Email Blast
  1. Select an Email Blast Service. The first step to send an email marketing campaign is to log in to your email marketing or automation tool. ...
  2. Choose your Email List. ...
  3. Design your Email Blast. ...
  4. Run Spam and Delivery Tests. ...
  5. Schedule Email Delivery. ...
  6. Preview Your Email Blast and Send.

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A good approach could be to send emails twice a month and then up it to weekly. If you've got great content, or ever-changing offers, or regular promotions, then consider sending emails two to three times a week. Be sure to monitor these campaigns.

Which email is most professional? ›

The most professional way to setup an email address is to use your first name and last name without numbers. For example, You can also use just your first initial or last initial such as or
Take a look at these popular options:
  • Yahoo! Mail.
30 May 2022

Is email marketing Easy? ›

Email marketing is not a complicated process but it's a process that requires a lot of A/B testing to find out how to best communicate with your subscribers in a way that is beneficial for them and for your business goals.

What is the best marketing platform for small business? ›

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  • ActiveCampaign.
  • Klaviyo.
  • SharpSpring.
  • Sendinblue.
  • Keap.
  • Mailchimp All-in-One Marketing Platform.
  • Omnisend.

How do you end an email? ›

Check out these email closing lines thank you:
  1. Kind regards.
  2. Thank you for reading.
  3. Looking forward to meeting you.
  4. Please contact me for additional help.
  5. Best.
  6. Sincerely.
  7. Regards.
  8. Cheers.

What content is not suitable for email? ›

Content that is irrelevant to the recipient. Content that was sent without permission from the recipient. Content of your email should not be misleading, offensive or unlawful. Highly technical information, such as code snippets and security warnings.

What are the four basic parts to a professional email? ›

The 4 Essential Parts of an Email
  • The subject line. Arguably the most important component of the email, the subject line is the deciding factor in whether your message is read or deleted. ...
  • The salutation. The start of the email sets the tone for the main body. ...
  • The bit in the middle. ...
  • The ending.
10 Feb 2013

What are two important things in email? ›

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  • 1 Subject line. The subject line could be the most important part of the email, though it's often overlooked in favor of the email body. ...
  • 2 Openers. ...
  • 3 Body. ...
  • 4 Closings.
15 May 2020

What subject lines get the most opens? ›

In fact, subject lines that include words that imply time sensitivity–like “urgent”, “breaking”, “important” or “alert”–are proven to increase email open rates. Here are some great sample subject lines for emails that use the fear of missing out…

What is a strategic email? ›

An email marketing strategy is a set of procedures that a marketer identifies and follows to achieve desired marketing goals with email advertising. This plan of action gives the businesses a direct channel of communication with prospects and customers for brand promotion.

What are the 6 basic rules of email etiquette? ›

Rules for email etiquette
  • Rules for email etiquette. ...
  • Proofread every email you send. ...
  • Write your email before entering the recipient email address. ...
  • Double check you have the correct recipient. ...
  • Ensure you CC all relevant recipients. ...
  • You don't always have to "reply all" ...
  • Reply to your emails. ...
  • Include a signature block.

How do you sound professionally in an email? ›

How to Write Emails that Make You Sound Professional
  1. Use a Professional Email Address.
  2. Write a Short, Descriptive Subject Line.
  3. Address the Reader Appropriately.
  4. Write Concisely.
  5. Avoid Emojis, WRITING IN ALL CAPS, and Excessive Exclamation Marks.
  6. Use Free Tools to Eliminate Spelling and Grammar Errors.
3 Oct 2020

How do you keep emails professionally? ›

10 Tips for Writing Professional Emails
  1. Start with a meaningful subject line. ...
  2. Address them appropriately. ...
  3. Keep the email concise and to the point. ...
  4. Make it easy to read. ...
  5. Do not use slang. ...
  6. Be kind and thankful. ...
  7. Be charismatic. ...
  8. Bring up points in your previous conversation.

What is the best email marketing tool? ›

The 6 Best Email Marketing Software of 2022
  • Best Overall: Mailchimp.
  • Best for Automation: ActiveCampaign.
  • Easiest to Use: MailerLite.
  • Best All-in-One Marketing Suite: Hubspot.
  • Best Affordable Option: Moosend.
  • Best for E-commerce: Drip.

What are examples of mobile marketing? ›

Mobile marketing may include promotions sent through SMS text messaging, MMS multimedia messaging, through downloaded apps using push notifications, through in-app or in-game marketing, through mobile websites, or by using a mobile device to scan QR codes.

What is online marketing examples? ›

Some examples of online marketing campaigns include: Canon advertises for search keywords related to "photography" on Google, Yahoo, and Bing search engines to market their cameras to a relevant audience to drive traffic to a specific webpage.

What is social media marketing examples? ›

Social Media Marketing (SMM) is marketing that targets social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok for brand promotion, target audience growth, driving website traffic, and increasing sales.

Which email is most professional? ›

The most professional way to setup an email address is to use your first name and last name without numbers. For example, You can also use just your first initial or last initial such as or
Take a look at these popular options:
  • Yahoo! Mail.
30 May 2022

What is an email marketing strategy? ›

An email marketing strategy is a set of procedures that a marketer identifies and follows to achieve desired marketing goals with email advertising. This plan of action gives the businesses a direct channel of communication with prospects and customers for brand promotion.

Does email marketing really work? ›

Absolutely! It is more relevant now than ever before. Research shows us that email is still the best channel to reach people on, ahead of other channels, even with the increase in popularity of social media and other messaging platforms. Email users are anticipated to continue growing.

What are the 5 marketing strategies? ›

The 5 P's of marketing are part of what is often referred to as a “marketing mix”. A marketing mix is the actions brands take to market their products and services by using a specific framework with the five biggest components of successful marketing: product, place, price, promotion, and people.

What is a SMS marketing? ›

SMS marketing is the practice of sending marketing messages by text message. It's a form of opt-in marketing that requires contacts to subscribe. This differentiates it from social marketing, where the marketer posts public content that people can choose to like or follow.

What is digital marketing strategy? ›

What is digital marketing strategy? A digital marketing strategy is a plan for establishing an internet presence through online channels such as organic search, social media, paid ads, and other web-based mediums such as your website.

What are the 10 marketing activities? ›

Here are common marketing activities you can use in your promotional efforts:
  • Conduct market research. ...
  • Segment your customers. ...
  • Enhance customers' experiences. ...
  • Create engaging and informative content. ...
  • Target customers with high bounce rates. ...
  • Distribute newsletters. ...
  • Budget for more ads. ...
  • Develop an effective pricing system.
26 Oct 2021

What is the brand strategy? ›

A brand strategy is the holistic approach behind how a brand builds identification and favorability with customers and potential customers. A brand strategy encompasses several different brand elements like voice, storytelling, brand identity, brand values, and overall vibe.

What are 6 types of social media? ›

What Are the 6 Types of Social Media? The six types of social media, though this can be broken down in many ways, include social networking, bookmarking, social news, media sharing, microblogging, and online forum sites.

What is a campaign example? ›

Coke started its Share a Coke campaign by replacing its brand name on the bottle of Coke with 150 popular names and adding the “Share a Coke” tagline. Because of its low price point, it was easy to encourage customers to buy a bottle for themselves and one for their friends or loved ones.


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